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  1. bet you can't guess who i nominate... still my favorite player of all time. that was some serious emotional turmoil for my young self with the knee injury and then being traded to the Suns.

  2. I've followed pretty much all of Mos Def's career and I've never seen or heard of him wearing Visvim. I knew he was friends with Chris Gibbs but I wouldn't doubt that the friendship started when Mos moved to LA. For years he was anti-corporation and in the 90s he dressed like a communist. Then the echo and 555soul ads starting appearing. Then Undercrown, The Hundreds, and Mos wearing Alife on Real Time with Bill Maher. I'm not saying people's styles can't evolve, but just because he did a shoot with Neighborhood doesn't mean he's been into Visvim for a while. What I mean is he's a trend hopper and Visvim is next on the platter. How would you know how long I've been following Visvim anyway?

    I don't know how long you been into Vis, but if that's what you are focusing on, you obviously missed my point. There are plenty of pics out there of Mos wearing the brand before this season, but I'm not gonna go hunt for them. Anyways, apologies to all for shitting up this thread.

  3. MYR1981 - that was just a downright dumb and ignorant comment. Mos has been down with Vis for a while actually, probably before you were. In any case, how does it ruin anything? If this is a line that you "love" why would you stop wearing it just because somebody famous also appreciates the brand? If YOU like it, that's all that really matters. end rant.

    BTW - this is probably my least favorite season since the g-line days

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think his are the overdyed version of the SExIH07, so it makes sense that the inside showing the weft is still white. On the other hand, your 634S-B are overdyded black, so both the inside and outside appear completely black when new.

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