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  1. All prices include shipping within the US. If you are outside the US, let me know and I can quote you a shipping price. Paypal only, by gift or you can add the 4%. Can PM me here or send any inquiries to [email protected]. Have delt on here before with farmer, mrip, 78, JDS and others. Feel free to check my ebay feedback under pennyoka21, I have 100% positive feedback. Most prices are set, but feel free to send me some offers, lowballers will be ignored though.

    Arcteryx Veilance Canvas Jean BNWT sz. 36. Super lightweight, nice slim articulated cut, and DWR coated for water resistance. Color is "Granite" which I would describe as a nice gray with a hint of olive.

    $250 shipped


    Engineered Garments Flannel BNWT sz. XL. Great pattern, in their classic work shirt cut. Hard to find now.

    $130 shipped


    Converse x Schott leather jacket chucks. Brand new with box sz. 10. Sizing is the same as any other chucks. These have amazing soft suede, quilted lining, and matte black hardware. Sold out everywhere, this is more of an interest check, not sure if I want to let them go.

    $220 shipped



  2. I still wear mine a couple times a week around the house mostly. The ass busted open, had to get the crotch repaired, hems are fucked. Also, my back left pocket is about half way off. Still love these jeans, they almost feel like sweatpants now since they are so soft and oversized on me. Will throw up some pics when I have a chance.

  3. blackmaged - for me, it isn't one BIG thing that makes these special, it's a whole lot of smaller details that sets them apart. The LHT, sloping front pockets, curved back pockets, black hardware, purple selvedge, etc. I just wanted something different from the standard 5 pocket jeans that I have many of already, and I feel the combination of smaller details make these really unique. They are filled with detail, yet remain low key, that is why I like them so much.

  4. Visvim Kiefer Nez Perce 3M sz. 10 brand new in the box/tags etc. Ya'll know the deal, top notch leather with some nice 3M triangle detail, off-white sole for contrast, vintage Visvim. Very hard to come by this size and condition these days. I can take more pics, but they are unworn so what's the point?

    Paypal only. I have done deals with 78, Farmer, dunkin deeznuts, others. If you have questions about my legitimacy, peep my ebay feedback, pennyoka21. If I can't move these here in a week, they will probably go on ebay with a higher BIN price, so scoop em quick if you want them. Feel free to PM me any questions or offers.

    $280 shipped in the US. International buyers contact me and I will quote you shipping fees.



  5. I have these as well, LOVE THEM. They are by far the most unique jean that I own. Only gripe, like others have mentioned, is that the waist runs quite big. I would say mine were probably 1.5" larger than stated on the SE website, but I couldn't size down due the the thighs. I hot soaked twice but was unable to get much shrinkage out. I may try the boiling water technique soon. When I take some evo pics I will be sure to throw them up in here.

  6. cmdR - mind throwing up some more pics of your bag? interested to see how you configured your 3rd arm... not quite sure what attachments I should get for mine.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342