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  1. yeah that vid makes me want one of those packs even though I know it wouldn't be functional for everyday use. I miss the days when I thought spending $300 for a visvim pack was ridiculous.

  2. Really like the picks by the dubs. Thompson will give more length in the backcourt and hopefully Jenkins can develop into a solid guard off the bench. Now we can trade Monta for a big to help on D and rebounding, and with that departure Curry will get more touches/shots. Starting 5 of Curry, Thompson, Wright, Lee, Biedrins (or another big that we trade for) doesn't sound all that bad. If we make the right moves maybe playoffs in 2 years. Am I reaching?

  3. please god no..

    stupid stupid philly.

    also, if the Warriors pick JIMMER tomorrow, i will weep.

    There is no way in hell the dubs are taking Jimmer. I know we don't have much faith in them after many a failed drafts, but even they aren't that dumb considering we already have the ultimate tweener guard sharpshooter who can't play D to save his life. At our spot in the lottery I would be down for one of the Morris twins or maybe Klay Thompson.

    On another note, how long you think Jerry West is gonna allow Monta to keep wearing a Warriors jersey?

  4. So for example, I was looking at the size 31. It has a 33 waist and all the other measurements seem spot on for me. Am I to expect (most likely) that they will actually be 34-34.5 actual waist? Wouldn't want to drop half a g on a pair and not be happy with them...

    Yeah that estimation sounds about right based on how my pair measured out. I got a 36 which was supposed to have a 38 waist but it was more like 39.5 inches before shrinking them down. Like mentioned above, I would just give them a call and ask them to measure a pair for you. Also, keep in mind that these don't shrink much so you want the waist to fit well from the get go.

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