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  1. Does anybody have experience with both Logan Mids and Kiefers? I really like both models, but I was wondering if one was more comfortable than the other. I also have pretty wide feet, so what ones would you guys recommend? Also, does Union still have the Nez 20 backpacks? I need to replace my beat NF Recon that I have had forever. I want one so bad but $380 is a large chunk of money for a bag...Sorry for all the questions, I've been a fan of Visvim for a while, just never purchased anything because it is so expensive.

  2. That I own:

    Cali Dunk SB

    Huf Dunk SB

    Stash AF1

    Union 180

    True Air Max 97


    Air Max 1 Atmos Safari

    Air Max 90 Powerwall BRS

    Air Max 90 DQM

    Supreme Blazer – Red

    3m Snake Air Force 1

    I really want some black Visvim FTB or white Logan Mids as well

    If anybody has the shoes on my want list in sz.11-12 please let me know

  3. Kamikaze -

    The Visvim pack is real nice, did it just come out? Also, how did you go about getting it, and how much? I've been looking at the new Nez ones, but I really like the one you got as well. Any info would be appreciated, thanks

  4. Thizzelle Washington was a classic. It's crazy how he started to blow up after his death. Man I could kill this thread with so many pictures of me with the THIZZ face but I think I will save SuFu the pain. Treal TV was DOPE!!!

    RIP to one of the Bay's best...

  5. Hey guys I'm looking to get a really nice pair of Japanese denim, and I'm leaning toward some Samurais. Currently I have a pair of 36 APC rescues that are waaay too big and a pair of 36 Nudie SS that fit nicely. I was looking for a fit between these two jeans. I have narrowed it down to Sammurai S5000VX, S0500XXLE, and PBJ XX-003. What would you guys recommend, and also, what is the main difference between the

    S5000 and S0500 other than the denim weight?

  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what Samurai's are being used in this contest? Is it the S0500XX Ltd. Ed. (100% Texas Cotton)? If they are, I was wondering how they felt because it seems like the shorter fibers could become annoying or itchy. Also, how do these compare to the S5000VX in terms of fit and type of denim used?

  7. I have a pair of size 36 APC Rescues and they are huuuge now, so if you get a 38 I think they would stretch and fit you. Also, anybody have any recommendations for Japanese denim. Currently, I am wearing the Rescues and Nudie SS (size 36). The SS fit nice so I'm looking for that kind of fit or something in between the SS and the Rescues. I'm a big guy so skinny fit is out of the question. So far I have been looking at: PBJ XX-003, Oni-Vedge Blue/Red, or some Samurais. I know all are great brands, but I have been leaning toward the PBJ or Samurai. Is the quality about the same between these or does one have superior denim? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

  8. Does anybody have the XX-003? How do they fit compared to Nudie Straight Sven's? I'm looking to get some nice Japanese denim and I think I either want PBJ or Samurai. I currently wear APC rescues and the Nudie SS. The rescues are waaay to big for me now, and the SS are a 36 and fit really nice. I was looking for something that fit like the SS or in between the rescues and the SS. Obviously I'm too big to pull off "skinny" jeans (like the 005), so any recommendations? would 003s work?

  9. Quickstrike- QS shoes are usually the most common out of the three that you are asking about. Most sneaker botiques have a QS account and get these shoes. QS shoes never have an "official" number of shoes released, but it is probably a thousand plus. Even though QS shoes aren't that rare, you cannot walk into a footlocker or footaction and buy them, they only go to botiques.

    Hyperstrike- These shoes are very rare, usually 50 or 25 pairs. Usually hyperstrike kicks are given to a store owner or artist that worked on the shoe to give to friends and family. Lots of times two different versions of a shoe are made. There is a general release that people can buy for retail, then there are the very limited hyperstrikes that are given to friends and family only, that usually have extra detail (laser, different tag, etc.)

    Tier 0- This refers to shoes that are released at the most select sneaker shops. I'm not sure about the exact number of tier 0 stores but I think it is about 8. Some stores with tier 0 accounts are Huf SF, Nort/Recon (SF and NY), UNDFTD LA (x2), Alife NY, and a couple stores in Europe. Usually tier 0 shoes have very limited numbers (not like hypers though) of about 500 pairs or less. Some recent tier 0 shoes that dropped were the stash air force 1 and air max 95 as well as the CLOT air max 1.

    Hope this helps ya out!

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342