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  1. 2s6q3cl.jpg


    Looking to get rid of this MSFC Denim Peacoat. Excellent condition, I'd say 8/10. If you know the brand, or clicked on this thread, you definitely know the piece. 


    Looking for $275 shipped. It's been soaked once, when new, but it's been worn very sparingly since then. 

  2. Plus one to Oysters at Upright on last Friday. SO FUCKING FRESH. 


    EG, come grab us at TG next time you roll through. We're usually here until about 5:30 or 6pm on Fridays. 

    Dont think theres much of that in town. Snowpeak has cool gear, but thats about it.

    Arcteryx store in seattle has you covered. 




    Oyster town no, but there are some spots. First fridays at gigantic brewing and last friday at upright brewing has a oyster pop up guy shuckin for 2$ a pop. Eat a oyster bar( prob has some deals), angel face, ox. (no deals)

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