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  1. I'm pretty certain there is a 1947 in the new range. There's a GI theme to many of the items. The range looked pretty good - but not as many must-haves as I remember, for instance, in the 2003 range. There's a nice-looking 1890s one-pocket 501, in rigid and aged finishes.

  2. There IS a Levi's Premium 501 with selvage, isn't there? I'm in the UK, where they're not distributed, but I saw a selvage pair in the Miami store in May. Levi's premium is the one with the cowboys on the (leather) patch, right? I thought they looked pretty good, altho at around that price I'd rather go for the LVC.

  3. THey look absoluelty genuine. All the shop tags are correct, as is the leather-look 2-horse patch, and the'oilcloth' guarantee label. I've not seen any fakes that have all these features. They look to be pretty much retail price, though, so you could always buiy a pair from Cinch and get to try them on first...

  4. This is really interesting and you can define it a lot of ways. But there is a plausible explanation that comes from some ad research I looked at once that covered groups of people who were called, I think, 'inner directed' and 'outer directed.' Inner-focused means people who do/buy things because THEY like them. And outer-focused means people who do things because other people like them. The second group are into display; the first group aren't. I think if you're into, say, jeans in a big way that's ultimately got to be for yourself, because there aren't that many people out there who 'get' it.

    there's some interesting talk about authenticity; I guess I'm in search of simplicity. Just a simple pair of jeans that feel right. And rightness means fabric that has a certain texture, a certain cut....

    The only problem in life is that simplicity seems to cost a lot more. You try and buy, say, a bag made of plain, decent hide. It always costs loads more than fancy ones. But good for people who make these things, who are doing something different, doing it well. Try buying a simple, basic camera - it costs 10 times more than autofocus plastic things. Likewise phones, hi fi, shoes, you name it...

  5. By double-stitching, Serge means INSIDE the pockets - you'll see a two pairs of single line stitches on the outside, but inside that same stitching should look more or less axactly the same. On later jeans, the inside is chainstitched - the same stitching you'll see on the bottom of the hem of jeans.

    They sound cool. Canada seems to be a good place for vintage gear!

  6. I lovethese early brands. There were already dozens of jeans makers by 1900, so in total there must be hundreds of diffferent brands that have disappeared over the years. I have a great little Type 1-derived kids' jacket, no maker's mark, probably late 40s or early 50s, in a unique selvage denim... good job I don't live in the US or I'd have a wardrobe of the stuiff.

  7. Re first brand to offer ring-ring - Levi's Japan were producing ring-ring selvage 502 jeans in 1987, only a couple of years after Cone shelved their own looms (I think the last Cone selvage 501s were made in 1986, havne't checked tho); most people think Evis started producing the same year; Edwin had selvage by 1988, but could well have been earlier. I'd liketo know when.

    But most people in the industry I've spoken to cite Adriano Goldschmied's Rivet range as being the first 'retro' selvage jean, definitely predating Evis and Levi's Japan. That said, these were all ringring selvage jeans, and there are doubtless companies who kept producing ringring denim, albeit on wide looms, right through the 80s; Replay were one of the first companies I know of to emphasise the term 'ringring', I'd be interested to know when though.

  8. 8.06: yes, these look totally legit.

    No 501s EVER had selvage visible on the outside of the watch pocket or cinch.

    The Japanese LVCs form this spring I've seen looked good - no visible differencees from the Valencia factory ones. But I haven't seen the US-made ones. I wonder if Japan is suplying Europe, or whether certain models are produced at certain factories.

  9. The LVC 1933 501s have regular buttons. It's the 1930s 201 have donut hole. I do think these look fine, I don't believe any replica would have all the tags etc, and the colour of the denim itself looks exactly right, as does the narrower selvage...

  10. I put a summary on here recently and am away from my references, but I believe suspender buttons stayed until the war - there'd be no reason for a back cinch without them; main difference for 1937 was red tag and covered rivets on back pocket. Most people just cut the suspender buttons off if they were using a belt.

    IN any case those jeans are totally legit. Look like the Valencia-made reissues from 2001 or so, I have an identical pair stashed at the bottom of my wardrobe, although I there's a recent version, I think from this season, too.

  11. Last time I checked they were 19.99 sterling. maybe $37. I think there's a discount if you buy two pairs. I fancy buying a pair for painting around the house and odd jobs. I think they're all pretty long - 36 inch leg only. I'll got into town today and check. If you want a pair email me; first offer only, I guess only to people who have a long history on this board. You'd need to pay me PayPal.

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