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  1. wow JIII's n' a riders jkt with ill fitting jeans gets in best nowadays... wtfffffffffffff........... that is a bad fit. homi's other get ups are much better than that... what's happening here ppl!

  2. ok I think I'm getting the hang of the creature...


    The nylon woven fabric is ace. I want other shit made outta this stuff. I need to up my agility n' ambidextrous levels to throw it on like Errolson. Uparmored with ACR pieces from the last few seasons... no vis on shirt ' dick owen drop crotchness for maximum bellowing swaggery.... n' htm presto boots... need to get a proper tripod again for full pics... ugh

    got a LOT of quizzical looks.

  3. more feedback on the EJ2.

    I really do feel that the snap button should be there on the interops zip... right now when I push the 3A-1 to my back the front right quarter moves around independently too much... that little button would snap it n' hold the jackets shape.

    No zip access for the gravity pockets...

    Would have like more internal pockets...

    Don't get me wrong... a brilliant piece. The mid length is great... I tend to find many traditional milspec parkas too long and bellowing. Also they tend to have an A-frame cut... so you do look like a tent... the draw string cord in the back is great. this is prolly gonna be a jkt used most by me (next to the XJ11 which is used regularly for work) from the half-dozen ACR jkts in the wardrobe.

  4. Calling 78 for his dissertation on sizing discrepancies with nomads!

    ahhh need to renew my flickr pro acc't to find that image.

    Visvim clothing has sized down nearly 2 full sizes since 2006. Old tops in M are BIGGER than some current tops in XL. Ofcourse there are exceptions but that's the rule of thumb I work by... shoe sizing seems to have stayed spot on... a half-size here n' there I guess (within the same shoe model that is!) The Logan's were massive... kieffers/et all faux-chucks are too narrow... yadda yadda

    MOncler V's new boots look great.

  5. fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally got my FW items in... EJ2 is far better than expected. Loving the length... a tad wide but can understand that 'room' to accommodate the interops. Fabric's excellent to touch. Epic amphibious cotton's a winner. Do miss the snap button the edge for the interops zip... it kept the zipper head in place.

    3A-1 is nice n' light... but noisy! I was surprised by the noise the new material makes. Hoping it'll reduce once it breaks in...

    now to get familiar with the SS-CP1... got the fully closed... now to figure out the half closed...


  6. I was stoked Bat Woman was back... the art in that is the best shit going around right now...

    Just finished up Lazarus Churchyard and Desolation Jones and really enjoyed them. Anyone have any recommendations for more anti-hero stuff in the same vein? I really enjoy stuff with sci-fi, noir, or spook/spy stuff.

    well it means you liked Ellis... so if you want more well written Ellis look for FELL... if you want some off-the-wallness then get TRANSMETROPOLITAN... if you want more spandex-with-a-twist get his STORMWATCH and PLANETARY work.

    But the best anti-hero for me has to be PREACHER.

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