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  1. Ok, so I 'll be in Amsterdam for a week starting Thursday, the 10th, and I'm looking for some recommendations from Amsterdam Sufu-ers for the best coffeshops. I'm staying in Jordaan, but like I said, I have a week, so any recommendations (or where to stay away from) would be greatly appreciated...

    Also wondering if anyone can tell me about a few that I was recommended already:



    Bronx (across the street from my hotel)

    Old Church

  2. Vapes are too much hardware, too much work. Definitely a great novelty, but I personally still like the smoke, and most of the time it's bong hits. ROOOR!

  3. Nice, thanks. Let me know about the hotel situation. Did you check out Dampkring? Last time I was there (a year and a half ago), Dampkring had pretty much the best herbs of all the spots I went to, not to mention they serve alcohol. I'm so psyched to go, my mouth has been watering for days now...

  4. So, I know there is another thread similar to this, but my schedule is not so hectic:

    May 8th: Amsterdam for 6 daze. Then 14 days in Northern Italy. I've been to Amsterdam, so I pretty much know what's up there (I picked up shopping tips from the other Amsterdam thread, but any GREAT vintage suggestions would be cool, as well as what are the BEST coffee shops to go to-since I live in SF bay area, we definitely get comprable if not better herbs here, so I'm looking for the cream of the crop), but any things that are out of the "tourist norm" would be nice.

    Mainly I am looking for suggestions for Italy. Flying into Milan, but besides that, no plans yet. ANY suggestions are welcome.


  5. On an unrelated subject (didn't feel like I should start a new thread),

    does anyone have any suggestions for a DECENT hotel (not a hostel). I am going for 6 daze in May, with the wife, and don't want to stay in a dump. AND I want to stay pretty central. Last time I was there, I stayed at Le Meridian. While nice enough, it was kinda out in the suburbs, and I'd like to stay closer to shit that's going on.

    Also, any recommendations on any REALLY good coffee houses right now?


  6. I don't know if it's really any less "street", but Acronym bags are pretty much the SHIT. great quality, and different than most (messenger) bags out there. I REALLY want to get my hands on a Visvim tote though.

  7. Fuckin OUCH!

    I actually looked like that around the same age when I was bucked by a horse into a tree, but the pain did not compare to pissing out a pebble that felt like felt like a boulder.

    Also, probably even more painful than the kidney stone was when my Basset Hound Sindey Viscious died. RIP SID.

  8. Passed a kidney stone back in December. And for those that don't know, you have to piss that thing out. If you've ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer passes one, it's pretty true to real life. I passed it @ work and when I came out of the bathroom, people thought that I had died, or was about to go postal.

  9. So Fuuma pretty much listed EVERY god movie already, but I will list a few of my absolute favorites (he's listed them ALL BTW):

    Blade Runner-greatest scenery, reading Neuromancer, I could only picture Blade Runner, NOT The Matrix

    Ces't arrive pres de chez vous (Man Bites Dog)- greatest dark comedy ever. AND my favorite movie of all time.

    A Bout de souffle (Breathless)

    And one of the most underrated BAD movies ever: Baseketball

  10. Thank GOD for the smoking lounge in Taipei airport! After a 13+ hour flight from SFO, I sat in the smoking lounge for an hour and smoked 10 cigarettes in a row. I have heard that there are a few airlines in the former soviet union that allow smoking, wish they would bring some of that to the states. I also remember, in 1984, flying to paris with a bunch of school friends, when you could still smoke on planes, and four of us crowding into the bathroom to smoke weed using a similar method to the toilet flush stated above, but keeping the sink drain open. The best method for me is just to knock yourself out on pills and booze....

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