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  1. On 1/19/2023 at 5:49 PM, Broark said:

    These might not be everyone's cup of tea but I think the project seems pretty cool: https://andrewturriff.com/
    Small operation making some functional outdoor shoes, I like the style but would prefer the finished product to be monotone as opposed to having multiple leathers.
    If you're interested sign up for the newsletter, he doesn't send out too many updates (so it's not spammy at all) but when he does it's detailed and actually informative.



    Thanks for posting these, I'll keeping an eye out for them.


    I think Sachs and his crew should be in something like the above rather than the Nike trainers :laugh:


  2. On 12/12/2022 at 5:02 PM, chicote said:

    Thanks so much for the feedback, you guys. I am thinking of going the DIY boot polish route, at least to start. Three coats of Saphir Reno soaked nicely into the leather but didn’t make any noticeable difference in the colour of the abraded areas. I’ll look into the Collonil product that attractions carries; I’ve heard really good things about one of their leather care products in a green jar (called diamante something? Maybe?) but have no firsthand experience.

    Gutted for you chicote, you did the hard part in nailing down the fit. Hopefully you can bring it back to a decent state.

    On the bright side it's not nearly as bad as the Visvim offerings this year:






  3. Some snaps of my first run Mr Bathing Ape jeans made with the denim used for Warehouse 700's. They're a little over eight years old now, worn periodically. Wrangler style patch, left hand coin pocket, suspender buttons, all hardware is unmarked. (Last snap is an infrequently worn pair of 700's from BiG for colour comparison.)









  4. 4 hours ago, mlwdp said:

    Like these?

    Not specifically those, more just the general philosophy behind the brand. To take an american classic and elevate it with nicer materials, and in some cases add a quirky detail here and there.

    Those are pretty nice as well though. I didn't love the shape when I first saw em, but it's growing on me. 

  5. 22 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    If I get to choose between a classic and an improved version of a classic, why not go for the improved version? Isn't that what this hobby's all about? 



    The boots look great btw. I'm sure you'll have them looking more respectable in no time! ;-)

  6. On 6/28/2019 at 4:32 AM, WiseFool said:

    That shade of plum is so lush. Any idea if the secant comp pants were a one time capsule release or will they be making a comeback every now and then? 

    It's lovely. The mainline had a similar shade called Sultan's Palace -



    Trying to curb my enthusiasm for the denim..!

  7. 23 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    Do you have a link to those, @snchz? This is the second time I've seen them mentioned, but I don't remember ever scrolling past them on the Tender website

    I think Bill's instagram post mentioned he only did one run of them for snchz's shop.

    They do look great snchz!

  8. On 11/2/2018 at 8:46 AM, rodeo bill said:

    Had a catchup with a couple of old friends yesterday. Rob Newman (who was a student of mine, then an intern, and is now working on various exciting things while being an accessories designer for Stone Island) was wearing his pair of woad dyed 130s. 6 and a half years old, worn twice a week for that whole time and with 3 or four rounds of repairs. They look amazing!


    Hell yes for the jeans, hell yes for the boots 8-)

  9. 12 hours ago, AvantSol said:

    The soles of those shoes triggers my phobia.

    :laugh: big time


    Kiko at it again with Camper - mixing his beloved Hoka Tor Ultras and a pair of Danner Light ii.



    kiko x camper.jpg

  10. Dunno anyone who wears Arcteryx boots. I sure wouldn’t pay those prices for what seems to me to be a silly idea. There’s a reason no one else is using what is essentially a soft shell sock/hard shell exterior configuration.


    The GSG’s are cop boots and a fairly good example.


    Have you checked out the Hoka’s mentioned in the Tech Wear thread? A better boot than either of your options and half the price of the Arcteryx.


    Sorry to stray off topic - there are plenty of companies making footwear with that sort of configuration, though none had the foresight to call it a hardshell boot with soft shell liner like Arcteryx did, rather referring to them as boots with removable inner booties..

    I grabbed a pair of the Bora2 Leather this summer and am loving them. Need to pick up the insulated liners before winter hits.


    Regarding the Hoka Tor Ultra His - I'm a big fan of these as well, but they're more high top sneakers than boots. Negligible if you're just going to be wearing em about town though.


    You seen this version of the Mizuno Ring Mocs? - https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/6793/black-mizuno-infinity-ring-moc

  11. Anyone got any suggestions for a good mid layer / light weight jacket?

    I need something to wear underneath shells and outwear once I'm inside. Preferably, slim fitting and no hoodies / fleece.


    The Acronym J58 that's coming soon would be perfect but that's out of my price range.

    I'm currently wearing my Veilance Quoin pretty much everyday.


    can usually grab these for $106.

    polartech alpha insulation like that TAD one above and made in USA.

    size down one for a trimmer fit. remove the pull tabs (replace with nylon ones if you wish) and you're set.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342