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  1. ate only once at pinotxo , was lucky to get a seat on a prime time afternoon. i was told by the server to come at 8am or 9 for the squid garbanzos and better seafood which sells out by noon. so i planned to do this every morning and go there early, but barcelona kicked my ass and woudlnt even start my day til 1pm.

    i was staying literally arnd the corner from quimet y guimet, which imo was the best tapas iv had there.

    so much to do here once u immerse urself in the local scene, i made friends from day 1 and they're all nice ppl. did the touristy thing only for a day.did the mandatory paella (squid ink) at a restaurant in barri de gracia . very nice neighborhood no tourists at all, a short ride from the city centre. but always make a reservation, fancy paella places get filled so fast. also try the calcot

    def learn a few spanish phrases, if u want to hang at the cooler spot.

  2. On 9/10/2016 at 1:43 AM, whitney said:

    Darkanimal, didn't know you do tattoos ; online portfolio?


    i started only like 4 months ago, i tattoo 3x a week

  3. look into using tatuderm or saniderm i put them on my client after i tattoo them, takes away all the hastle of healing. i personaly havent used it yet coz i got no more space

  4. She's insanely talented, but is booked into the next century. I'm going to keep my eye open for when I want a bigger piece. 


    I think I'm going to go with a guy in town who isn't a popular, but seems to be a really solid artist. His portfolio is basically a handful of really cool tattoos peppered amongst a whole shit ton of feathers turning into birds. 


    wow i didn't know she's that in demand. my gf actualy knows her art before and contemplated getting a tattoo from her. nomi's travelling with my tattoo artist in sf and new orleans, i believe this may. i had luck getting on someone's busy schedule due to a cancellation, but have to be available in a drop of a hat. anyways see you canada, my first tattoo for 2015!



    This isn't mine, but an insanely nice piece done by an artist in Vancouver. I'm finally going to book my first tattoo after thinking about it forever. I've got a whole bunch of stuff I want, but am going to go one at a time so I don't go crazy/broke. 


    i'm gonna be in gastown tattoo end of this month to get my remaining back filled. i'll probably see her there, but i'm getting mine from a guest artist.

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