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  1. I know what he is referring to and those boots aren't that,just because you read every thread on visvim and enjoy thinking you know, you simply don't

    Playground mentality.

    Granted that your e-rep is reputable, but you excuse me of reading "every thread on visvim", as you say, then you make a point with an image culled from a blog/fashion daily digest/other board. It's all second hand information. I know somebody who attended the recent v moncler exhibition in japan and they mentioned a range of boots, meaning that there are some existence in addition to those in the image you posted. You seem to have a problem with people who might know as much or perhaps more than you do. Previously, you mentioned that you blocked my posts — you're just incredibly immature.

  2. ^ When martyn mentioned Moncler V boots, to which you replied "none of that is Moncler", it suggests that you somehow missed the fact that he's specifically referring to the boots, perhaps in the same way that perhaps you've missed that fact that Visvim have recently done a collaboration with Moncler. Besides, i thought you mentioned that you blocked my posts here -- which i placed down as some kind of misguided hatred, but now i see that you actually didn't, it seems more like delusion.

  3. ^Martyn, I know they have been producing a particular product in essentially two different versions: one with superior material usage and one without. For example, the high water pants, with one being produced with giza cotton and other without. Those shirts pictured are strange, however -- how one has a sea lsland looking label but without the actual text. Where did you get those images from?

  4. ^ Thanks for that. I think we were in conversation around 52 pages ago. Do you know if the s/s 10 preview site emerged again? That site we were talking about shut down soon after.

  5. if you go on visvim.tv, the official site, it'll list the certified retailers that carry visvim products

    Yes, i am aware of that already (?!). By the way, all the products in that site have been made by Visvim at various points in the past. I was just checking if anybody has used those mentioned sites. The Dope Factory is real for example and stocks past products (which still bemuses me considering Hiroki recently confirmed that they burn all unsold products at the end of each year).

  6. like I keep saying

    fuck Vis denim.

    Fluxus raw 05 from their first release way back when... kept DS for 3yrs busted out last year... half a year of LIGHT wear...


    Have you got in touch with them about this? They answer to their generic email address. They should be able to do something about it.

  7. imo, a possible $175 difference is worth asking over,

    added to the traditional way we get fucked over for anything with the dollar, yen, euro exchange rate in the UK anyway.

    I think I'm just going to pop down to DSM and have a look.

    Why don't people look at all the first page where all the prices are listed, use a currency convertor, go down to their local stockist (if they must), try the item on (if worried about sizing) then go get a proxy to get you the same item from fil directly (and in turn make a huge saving)?

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342