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wish i was in



Found 1 result

  1. So... where do i start? We here at Self Edge have been working 24/7 to bring denim heads what they've been wanting; the vision of what i wanted in terms of selection from a denim store is coming to life. We are still on track to open our doors Wednesday, November 1 at noon. here's some updates on stock.. -Imperial Denim -Sugarcanes -Iron Heart -Flat head -Triple Works -Buzz Rickson -Mister Freedom -RJB -Nudies -Strike Gold -3sixteen -Dry Bones -Sling & Stone (for women only) To those who've emailed me in the past month or so with positive words, thank you... To those that are inquiring about exactly which cuts we're getting in from a certain designer, it's too much for us to answer those questions at the moment because our heads are filled with hundreds of cuts and washes and styles... We chose what we liked from every designer and we hope that once you see what we have in stock you'll agree. There are a few things we've got that i've never seen any other place, come in and check em out. The online store will be opening mid/late-november with most of our denim stock being available online. The opening party will take place at 6pm on November 18th at Self Edge with J-Zone (nyc, old maid billionaires) playing his trademark style of ignant hiphop. things to look forward to.. -Superfuture Party, tentative date is January 6, bring your nametag -Self Edge x Iron Heart Selvedge Indigo Slim Anti-Fit Jeans -Death from Exhaustion www.selfedge.com love, kiya