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  1. Adding SM1-AM. Second owner though the previous one never wore it. Due to the delicate nature of the fabric I’m grading it about 8/10 as I’ve barely ever used it myself. Asking for $200 USD F&F over PayPal. Shipping is free in the US but I am willing to ship overseas as well! SM1-AM sold!
  2. Hi everyone! I just joined Superfuture, and this looks like a great first discussion. I've only ever owned two Acronym coats - an old beater E-J2 and a J1L-GT. The J1L-GT was an impulse buy because it was in stock at the time but I quickly learned it didn't really offer much more than a J1A-GT already did, so I got rid of it. Last year I bought an old E-J2 for cheap just to have, and I know it isn't the most loved design but I quite like it a lot, holes in the fabric and all. You might say it's more of a parka than a true coat and I would agree with you, though. All that being said I have been keeping my eye out for a J46-FO because they look super cool, and I almost sprang for the J93-GTPL (but I'm glad I didn't in the end) and was pretty sad when J99U-WS sold out in my size.
  3. Hello everyone! I just moved for a tech job to Austin Texas which is much too hot for tech wear. Will be selling some of my warmer Acronym pieces starting with my fav beanie, H1-KR. I paid $850 for it so I'm looking to get $360 F&F via PayPal because it's been very gently worn. Offers entertained but no trades please This is the 2020 version and not the older one, and I'd grade it a 9-9.5/10. Buyers in CONUS will get free shipping but I'm willing to send it anywhere!
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