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  1. Does anyone have experience with LC King’s denim barn coats or have a recommendation for a similar jacket (lined, with similar details)? I would prefer something one-wash or raw, but I like this jacket enough that I may have to buy one when the mediums are back in stock. I can’t find much about the company online, except people complaining that prices went through the roof once the company was “discovered.”
  2. Thanks all, I'm going with the 31s. I know the seat won't stretch like the waist, but the seat is only slightly uncomfortable and I had full range of motion when I tried them on. And thanks for the tip @unders, @Jared_Lee's initial competition fit looks pretty similar to mine and seemed to loosen up enough in the seat with wear. I wish I'd known about this forum and the contest, 2020 would have been an interesting time to keep a diary of sorts; maybe i'll catch the next one. Anyways, I don't get to wear jeans for work but I'll report back once the 31s have broken in a bit. I've looked at enough men's crotches to last me awhile.
  3. That's what I'm worried about. These have only been worn once, so I assume they would continue to stretch out a bit more. And yes this is a "post soak" fit in the sense that they are sold one-wash now. They don't offer this cut in raw denim anymore.
  4. Looking for sizing advice for the S40's. The attached photos are size 31; they seem to fit well, except I am worried about the crotch being too tight. It's slightly uncomfortable there, with a lot of whiskers/tension lines running to the outside of the seat. Does anyone have experience with the amount that these will stretch in the crotch/seat? Should I size up to 32s, or stick with 31s? I am not interested in high contrast fades and will be washing these every 4-6 weeks, depending on use, for longevity's sake. I already reached out to TCB. Ryo was really helpful, but basically said that I could go either way. Am hoping that the S40 competition crowd or someone else with S40's might have some input. I thought about posting in the S40's competition thread, but figured that wasn't kosher.
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