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  1. Jimbolina

    Levi's 501 - a visual guide

    I was curious if Levi’s is starting to get away from the ‘slim fit’ styling and moving toward the more slightly looser fit, in their 501s as well as their other lines of clothing. It seems they are more aggressively pushing a more ‘relaxed’ look and feel, overall. For example, I see that more than a few of their trucker jackets are being offered in the so-called ‘vintage’ fit, which is fuller, per their copy description. The regular 501s offerings these last few years have appeared fairly slim and fitted, at least in my purchasing experience, so I was wondering if those too will follow suit, and grow somewhat fuller in the near future? Your thoughts?
  2. Jimbolina

    Levi’s 501 and Cone denim question…

    Thanks for your succinct response, Paul. I kinda figured the Cone connection petered-out fairly early, but was curious as to exactly when. On a side note which you may be privy to, do you know or suspect if that Levi’s ‘Original Spin’ program they instigated a while back, used the Cone denim for their ‘semi-custom’ (lengths) offering? I have a few pairs of those (NOS) that I purchased and stashed back at that juncture, and just wanted to know if there was anything special about them. Some featured lap-felled inseams, some the later, single line of stitching, as seen more currently. A slightly fuller fit as well, when compared to the current 501 offerings. Probably not ‘special’, but…
  3. Jimbolina

    Levi’s 501 and Cone denim question…

    I often wonder why Levi’s, being the fashion behemoth that they are, simply didn’t purchase those White Oak looms themselves and set up a small, artisanal production shop so they could exclusively offer their own ‘Cone’ denim line and keep that aspect uniquely special. I fully realize they never took part in, nor dabbled with fabric production, and obviously did not need to, but what a cool side line that could have been! With all that, the stuff of fantasy, I admit.
  4. Jimbolina

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Does anyone have any inside scoop on if Levi’s is going to either continue, expand or even discontinue their LVC line? My own concern is strictly the 1947 501 offerings. I wish they would continue their ‘New Rinse’ rendition and do so with longer (36”) inseams. The ‘Rigid’ options are limited in length and are less predictable after washing, at least in my experience. I have noted it appears the ‘Rinse’ option is sporadically available in Europe, but heck, that’s Europe! Shipping fees alone, plus the inflated LVC upcharge (often ridiculous!) makes that possible transaction less than tempting! Ha! My fear is they will continue to only offer an extremely limited sizing range and treatment of the 1947-year model reissue, or maybe even quit making it available, altogether. I remember a few years back they made the 1947 model more wildly available, and NOT as a strictly LVC release, and not so pricey. That was pretty cool and I often lament that I hadn’t grabbed a pair or three when they were out. I wish they would do that once again as that particular cut and fit is my fave, and probably so for a goodly number of folks. Anyway, just hoping someone has any knowledge of their upcoming LVC plans.
  5. Jimbolina

    Levi’s 501 and Cone denim question…

    mstax - I too thought that Levi’s/Cone partnership tapered-off somewhat. Again, to bring costs down, probably. With all that, I have long held that Levi’s should have kept the Cone denim only for their 501s, and held to that mix, period. As their quintessential product and essentially what put their company on the map, so to speak, the 501 line should be held sacred to a degree, anyway, to an extent. My opinion, anyway.
  6. This may be a topic previously visited, but one I am intrigued with, nonetheless… I was wondering if virtually all 501 jeans production, in the past, of course, used the Cone Mills White Oak denim. I understand Cone was extensively and historically by Levi’s on some of their clothing lines, but I also assume that collaboration tapered-off after the years rolled on, maybe because of cost-cutting concerns, among other things. I also realize there were specifically advertised 501 sub-runs that touted that unique connection, especially so, prior to the closing of that mill, as well as a short, ‘limited edition’ run using old-remaining stock, White Oak denim. I ask, as I am in possession of a few pairs of new-old-stock 501s that still featured the lap-felled seams (on the inner inseams), and a few pairs from the briefly offered ‘Original Spin’ program (custom select your size, fabricated at their last, Levi’s owned, Texas facility) and curious if those were typically or specifically constructed from Cone denim. I am also simply interested in my original inquiry of, if in fact, virtually ALL 501s were made with that particular mill’s production, and if so, when did they ‘officially’ cease that usage. I can’t seem to glean or source a real answer to this mini-mystery, or at least one that seems legitimate in scope to satisfy me. Anyway folks, I would appreciate your thoughts and insight on this compelling matter.
  7. Jimbolina

    Levi’s trucker jacket verification request…

    Thanks folks!
  8. Jimbolina

    Levi’s trucker jacket verification request…

    Does that mean an inauthentic Levi’s product, or simply one made in China for Levi’s?
  9. Greetings. I have actually been following this forum for quite a few years now, but recently noted I needed to rejoin, pay a fee and set up a new account. That’s fine and appreciated, of course. Anyway, I had a question concerning authenticity on a Levi’s trucker jacket I am considering purchasing… This particular piece has a couple of details that gave me pause, and wanted some more learned assistance on identifying whether or not it is indeed a fake, or a truly legit production. The leather tag, which as you can clearly see, is essentially blank, and not featuring the typical ‘two horse’ branding device, and shows only a small, embossed ‘batwing’ logo. The other thing that seemed odd is the white tag to the right, seems atypical and I believe usually situated on the inside side-seam. With that, I would appreciate any productive feedback or thoughtful opinion on this small matter. Thanks!
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