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  1. Does anyone know the possible retail price for J118? Around 1400 euro?
  2. WTB J29-LP Size XL J72-DS Black Size L
  3. Jesus just got the email, AVAILABLE ON OCTOBER 20TH 17:00 CET, finally!
  4. Does anyone know if P38E is resurfacing this season?😵
  5. For sure, as soon as I get my hands on the two missing FC3-WSs from ACR, I'll do the comparison.
  6. Gotcha but I already got both colors of the FC3-GT last year lol
  7. I ordered J105 with both colors of FC3-WS from the mother site but only received the J105 without the two hats just now. Have no idea what the ACR is doing......Having such a crappy service at these prices doesn't make any sense.
  8. Gotcha, and thanks for all the details. I'll try reaching out to them tomorrow.
  9. Just curious if anyone has encountered this issue. I ordered 23ss drop A (J105 + both colors of FC3-WS) from the mother site on the 23rd, and I'm expecting to receive the stuff today (I'm in the US), but now the UPS seems to have some trouble getting the clearance information from the ACR. I haven't encountered any problem like this in my previous mother site purchases (all shipped to the US).
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