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  1. I seem to have enraged yan90 and his posse! Good Merry Christmas to Yan90 all and all the other sexually challenged wankers on this pathetic site! :-)
  2. I sell a lot or ACR gear, most of it on Grailed but a few items here. As you all know, when you sell stuff on Grailed, the system works great, but you get whacked by high fees to Grailed and PayPal. Lately however, PayPal has been behaving really badly and delaying sending the money to me in a timely manner! Every transaction! Have others been getting shafted by PayPal as well? Every Grailed sale payment has been delayed with some BS excuse. I hate getting shafted and I hate getting lied to! PayPal does both!!! I would sell all my stuff here but it seems to take a long time.
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