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  1. NortonCommando961


    I seem to have enraged yan90 and his posse! Good Merry Christmas to Yan90 all and all the other sexually challenged wankers on this pathetic site! :-)
  2. NortonCommando961


    I sell a lot or ACR gear, most of it on Grailed but a few items here. As you all know, when you sell stuff on Grailed, the system works great, but you get whacked by high fees to Grailed and PayPal. Lately however, PayPal has been behaving really badly and delaying sending the money to me in a timely manner! Every transaction! Have others been getting shafted by PayPal as well? Every Grailed sale payment has been delayed with some BS excuse. I hate getting shafted and I hate getting lied to! PayPal does both!!! I would sell all my stuff here but it seems to take a long time.
  3. NortonCommando961


    I too have been looking for a 3A7TS for some time. Acronym's business model of "forced scarcity" really pisses me off sometimes. There is no reason not to re-introduce the backpack from time-to-time. Show a little consideration for your customers EH!
  4. NortonCommando961


    I will answer my own question. :-) I finally got the order processed. I use a mac and safari is not very compatible with the Coevo website. Chrome worked much better. Also the coevo site defaults to Korean a lot so keep and eye on the top right corner of the screen and if it shows KR/EN, click on EN. The site may be more friendly on a PC
  5. NortonCommando961


    I am trying to buy on the Coevo website. I accessed it from the ACR site. I can't seem to load the English version site . . .and my Korean is a bit rusty. I must be doing something wrong? Any suggestions appreciated!
  6. NortonCommando961


    Because or your comments I purchased the J16-GT. You are quite right; it is an excellent design. I like the way the collar fits, the way the hood fits, its light flexible feel, the sleeve closures . . .all in all a great design and execution.
  7. NortonCommando961


    Thanks again for the tips!
  8. NortonCommando961


    So I thought I would try your technique (the symbolism of the middle finger is important :-) However, my credit card is a new one and the numbers are not embossed in a line like the older cards. They are printed on the back of the card in a 4x4 grid. covering all but the last 4 digits would not be a problem. However after giving it some thought, I decided to cancel the order. 1. I would have to photograph both sides of my card; 2. The photos would show: my full name; the card expiry date; the security code; the type of card allowing anyone to figure the first four digits of my account as well the last four digits of my account. 3. All this would be sent in an unencrypted email to a "distributed" company I had never dealt with before. And a company that i did not have a physical address for! Hmmmmm! All this risk for an ACR jacket . . . A nice jacket, but it's still just a jacket! No Thanks! I cancelled the order!
  9. NortonCommando961


    Thanks for the information. I got my money refunded but it will take 10 days to appear in my account.
  10. NortonCommando961


    Thank for the info. Very helpful!
  11. NortonCommando961


    Has anyone here purchased anything from "Farfetched?" I tried to buy an ACR jacket from them and the payment went through without a hitch, but before they would ship the product, they wanted a photo of my credit card and/or my passport. I told them to "pound sand" and refund my money. I also reported them to my credit card company. I have never dealt with anything like that online!
  12. NortonCommando961


    I have both items. The Gore-Tex material used on these garments in very very soft and flexible, however it is easy to damage. In these garments, the Gore-Tex is on the outside of the shell wheres in most other Gore-tex products the waterproofing is on the inside protected by an outer nylon shell. I was walking my dog some time ago, and he jumped up on my playfully and his nails damaged the J46 coat on the left lower side. If I had been wearing a Gore-Tex Pro or Gore-Tex 2L coat no damage would have occurred. Having said that; if you are careful with this material; it provides excellent water-proofing and breathability and it is very pleasing to the touch and pleasing in appearance.
  13. NortonCommando961


    Has anyone purchased the Acronym/sacai Hooded Jacket (Khaki)? Just curious. It looks interesting but the price is well . . .
  14. NortonCommando961

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    SOLD WTS SP28-DS M Alpha Green New Full Pack $550US + PP & shipping Ships from Canada
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342