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  1. Mall jeans have been the usual for me with 511 flavor fits, 34 vanity size. Actual is a bit over 35. I might get these altered. Do any of you alter your denim (Besides hemming)? Or spot dry them using a hair dryer? Don’t know much about the raw state thing to care. I don’t mind experimenting with these since the price was right.
  2. Hello, new to all this. My first quality denim: new mister freedom California lot.64 Sc66. Size 36. Got these off ebay for a great price. I first cold soaked these, then hang dried. Still too big, so I hot soaked them… twice. They shrunk a bit in the waist but still feel too big in the thigh. Material on the side of the thigh kinda remind me of MC hammer. My waist is a bit over 35 but I got chicken legs so Im usually trapped with the larger thigh&knee measurements that come with the larger waist sizes. Also, I feel like these got stiffer? I’m wondering if I should put these in the washer and dryer. Or should I do another hot soak and use a hair dryer on the outer thigh area? Or, get them altered? I’ll try another fit in the future but would appreciate any help on these!
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    Mister Freedom

    Wtb : Drover blouse denim 38 or 40 thanks!
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