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  1. HK007


    Really felt this drop was the longest one ever. Just felt.
  2. HK007


    They might end up the same way... You sure the trench coat can be wash?
  3. HK007


    Completely lunatic. was thinking about coping a J2760 but this act as another stopper for me. Maybe sacai is too luxury for us poor acronym customer
  4. HK007


    As expected
  5. HK007


    Me with the sacai crossover: First time catching up to the release: See the price: Ight Imma Head Out
  6. HK007


    Just signed up after seeing this post, have to promote these pants. P38-AD is awesome. The insulation liner is super comfy, I didn't have the chance to get a P38-DS so I don't know the difference that much besides the side pockets. I have been wearing it for two weeks in November, with temperatures ranging from 5-15+ C, rarely feel hot indoors, never felt cold outdoors. I also noticed the inside-out wearing style reduces insulation level. The insulation "fur" isn't dense, but it's fluffy, so you won't feel it being compressed and released when pressing on it. No itch feeling either, the fur lies pretty flat. The pockets ain't interconnected, there is one set of pockets for each side. There's also no belt loop for the reverse fur side, so you are pretty much solely relying on the adjustable drawcord, ain't that comfortable to have those between the pants and waist I'm gonna say... I was debating whether I should get the AD or wait until I have a chance for the DS, but after getting this I only wish for another AD pant, it's way too good and I don't want to take it off for cold seasons!
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