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    I just got my black regular 50's in a size 31, and they are pretty much the same in the waist as my indigo pair which are also a 31. For both of them I am a size up from my Sugar Cane(2021'S and 1947's) and Levi sizes. I was trying to go through the thread for fit differences between the 50's and 40s. In terms of fit only. is it just that the waist is higher on the 40s? From the measurements it looks like the legs are wider? If the 50's had just a tad bit more room in the knee and wider hem, I'd be happy. As far as the fabric, is it just as soft? Looks like they are different cottons. The 50's OW fabric feels incredibly soft and light right away to me which I'm enjoying right now in the summer.
  2. KJS

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking for awhile, but wanted to see if anyone has some advice on sizing the SE exclusive 1947 in black/black. Looking at HPA's sizing for the normal 1947, I'd be pressed to get a size 30 when I compare measurements with my TCB 50 jeans (the regular straight cut) in size 31. But, I have some Sugar Cane 2021's in a size 30 and Kiya had advised to size up at least 1 size for the 1947 black/black. He mentioned the waist would be too small for a size 30, but my TCB's started out at 28.5" which is the same size as the size 30 1947 black/black and now have stretched to 30" over the last couple months which is perfect. Reading the few posts on here about the 1947 black/black, it seems the waist might shrink even more though from SE's measurements? Any advice would be appreciated. The main thing for me is keeping the roomy knee (measures 9" on my TCBs after a few washes, 14" down the inseam) from my TCBs, without too much extra fabric in the top block.
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