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  1. ametorist

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS P41-ds gray size S full pack. Lightly worn, washed once, no flaws. $850 shipped CONUS
  2. ametorist

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: J84-S Black w/ Custom Mink Liner Acronym J84-S size S in black with something special inside. Custom made mink removable liner complete with AuxZip and Cavitae slit. - Cut to be concealed. Only you know the mink is there. No poking out the hem of the jacket (see last photo). Note that the liner is shaped like a vest, it stops at the shoulders and does not extend to the sleeves. Trust me it is warm enough. - Button-in construction to the inner placket. Genuine horn buttons and stitching not visible externally. Liner is removable. Buttons are stitched on and thus not removable. Small snaps stitched to the internal Jacket Sling loops for additional stability, also not removable. Internal sling attachment not affected. - Slit to access internal Cavitae chest pocket. Even Acronym stock liners like the J65 do not have this. - Grosgrain backing on AuxZip (m) to prevent snagging fibers when deploying. - Liner has hand-sewn suede backing and rayon lining on the leather (non-fur) side of the piece. - Condition notes: liner brand new, J84 has light Stotz patina and otherwise in great gently used condition. - The liner could be worn on its own if you really wanted to flex yr fur. But it is not designed as a standalone piece. I had the fur liner made by a reputable furrier in NYC’s Garment District out of a second-hand fur garment purchased from their retail shop. Among furs mink is known to be soft, warm and comparatively slim. The fit is regular with the cinches on the J84 at their loosest setting. $10,000 shipped in CONUS Disclaimer: primarily an interest check
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342