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  1. JimTheBrass


    Thought I’d share my belt: Tanner Goods from Portland Oregon. Crazy to think I’ve had it north of a decade.
  2. JimTheBrass


    Ah sh— it was a typo must’ve got mixed up anticipating to type the thigh measurement. The front rise is indeed 12” , sorry bout that @lee porter and good catch @Hopethisoneisnttaken.
  3. JimTheBrass

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    LVC 501 1890 STF MIUSA Cone 9 or 10oz, can’t remember? image was taken by a buddy, I believe he had a portra sim so colors aren’t true.
  4. JimTheBrass


    *shrugs shoulders* I’ll post pictures tonight.
  5. JimTheBrass


    Sweet, let me know what you think of em’ if you do end up getting a pair. I know TCB directly just had a restock, they were sold out of most sizes for a bit.
  6. JimTheBrass


    Hey Lee thanks, I do too. The feel of the fabric is also fantastic and in my opinion justifies the pair alone. (That San Joaquin cotton!) My pair is a Tag size 33. Although I think proper measurements would provide better insight: Waist: 32” Front Rise: 13” Thigh: 13” Knee: 9” Inseam: 34” Leg Opening: 7.75” They have not been washed nor dried. Also, they are relatively new. So far only a handful of wears.
  7. JimTheBrass


    TCB 505
  8. JimTheBrass


    Yeah, I highly recommend them. They’ve been my go to as of late. I believe they also offer them in the 50s slim, mine happen to be the regular.
  9. JimTheBrass

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    I’ll come out and say it, I don’t think the Indian red selvedge ID of the cottle jeans are bad looking at all. In fact I find it compelling. I know I might be alone on this one but, I wonder if anyone else is with me. Actually, what I do find a bit odd is the design on the patch. I know it represents neighboring islands. Just seems a bit phallic. *shrugs shoulders*
  10. JimTheBrass


    Just for fun, the day I decided to unearth these.
  11. JimTheBrass

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    @lance @MJF9 @volvo240thebest Much Obliged Fellas @Duke Mantee Hope a speedy recovery manifests for your little one.
  12. JimTheBrass

    WAYWT 2021 [denim edition]

    I suppose introductions are in order. The name is Jim. Good to meet you gents. Jamiesons Shetland SC41947 Salomon xt6
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