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  1. If anyone is looking to purchase the p23s in NYC, they have pairs at the HBX store.  After a wild goose chase trying to be patient with US retailers and the scattered drop, I finally was able to get my pair today at HBX.  I assume they do shipping too if you email or call.

  2. I know everyone was waiting in suspense on this forum.  But I figured it out.  I think the new “release tab” on the Coevo p30s  would slightly tug away at the belt, loosening it as I moved.  Luckily, the release tab is removable.  I was literally taking photos of the product to sell and noticed that the release tab was removable. 

    On another note. I am wearing the j79ts-gt today. Just want to say this is an under appreciated piece and is a fantastic near perfect jacket.  

  3. I had no issues whatsoever buying from coevo.  Bought it from us and shipped to me in NYC very quickly.

    1 hour ago, sumant28 said:

    Hope you don't mind the off topic question but did you have trouble ordering from Coevo? It is going to be a few weeks time before I am able to buy my own pair of acronym p30a but I thought people had trouble being able to buy from the Korea storefront internationally. I thought worst case scenario I would have to look for a freight forwarder like when I ordered the p10-ds from buyee


  4. I bought the coevo p30s.  The pants seem to keep falling and I have to constantly adjust the belt.  I have a similar belting system in the p31 (which I never have issues with).  I was wondering if anyone else was having issues.  Is it just that the drape of the pant and the weight will constantly just drag them?  Or do I have a defective pair? Any help would be appreciated.

  5. This new cinching drawcord system at the waistline.  Are the p-50 pants oversized in the waist and meant to be cinched in?  Or is it just a sort of an element used to give you the convenience of not having a belt?  i see that the drawstring cords are on the upcoming p44 as well and would love to know.  Thanks.

  6. Does anyone know if the SP29 will be an oversized waist with a cinch down (ala p30 and p31s) or if it will be a regular size waist.  Are we meant to go by our inseam length or waist?  The new cinchable one sided waist-belt is throwing me off.  

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Taylor Swift. I have a good amount of ACRNM shells and the J96 has become my go to.  It’s 3L gore tex pro, but the jacket feels significantly lighter to me than past gore tex 3L shells.  I expected the jacket to be in the closet until the colder fall temperatures here in NYC, but I am wearing this almost every day riding on my bike in the city this spring.  It’s very versatile in that I see it as both a spring stand alone jacket and a shell for the winter.  I was very turned off by how oversized the J1W and the J91 were, but the oversized cut of the J96 is done really well.

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