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  1. Hi all, The V68-PL came in today, and since I'm probably the only person who purchased it, I thought I should post a review. Quality & Materials: It's MIC, but much better crafted than other MIC items I've had (P31A-DS, SP29-M, etc.) The fabric appears to be the same as the one used in the 2019 version, which is a plus for me. Size: I bought my usual XL before the sizing chart was added to the product page and it fits pretty much as expected – slightly oversized when worn over a shirt and TTS over a hoodie. My XL is slightly smaller than the V91 in L. Price: It’s a bit bland since it doesn't have any new features (even V91 had hidden chest pockets). Ideally, this should have been a retail release – a 30% discount would make it a much more appealing purchase IMO.
  2. is it true about free returns?
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