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    Doc directed me here and I really appreciate the support and understanding from the community. I also think it will be a good idea to further explain the whole situation here so that you can make a good judgement. The ebook itself is a free, educational purpose only, half-public-half-private (due to pre-ordering, I only share to those who give me a heads up, I have no responsibility if you leak the sharing link to others, and btw Mr Konata is not one of my book recipients) pdf file with all the matters I have researched put inside. I value primary evidence a lot so I tend to put original documents and photos into the book as hard as possible (with every single item being quoted) to support my theories and illustrations. That being said, I have exposed myself to the risk of being sued due to copyright issues. This is one of the reasons why the book is released in such a manner. Of course, Mr Konata, or other owners of the related materials, have every right to take legal action if they still think it is a copyright violation. I respect his decision despite the frustration. The attachment is the email I have received from Mr. Konata on 23 August, his email address and the items involved are being masked. From the attachment, you can tell there are 6 items being claimed by Mr Konata. One of the items is a screen capture from the "One Piece of Rock" website, a page related to how the brand identifies and describes Levi's denim texture during WW2. I have explained this in my IG stories. You may check it out. For the rest, since I cannot disclose what items are involved, I can only tell you what information would be lost if I simply delete the items from the ebook. 1. Evidence to support pocket flap was added to 506XX in the mid-1920s. 2. Evidence to support during the beginning of WW2, garment design restriction order L-181 (button number/pocket flap removal) was in effect before order MPR-208 (Adding "S" to garment lot. number). 3. Evidence to support approaches to the end of WW2, garment design restriction order L-181 was abolished before order MPR-208. 4. Evidence to support jacron paper patch was used together with the leather patch for 506XX. 5. Evidence to show the existence of 506XXE and its iconic T-back construction. Among these 5 items, 14 photos are involved: 4 of them were extracted from a blog of a vintage clothing store in Japan. 8 of them were extracted from a USA auction house website. 2 of them were extracted from the forum "Denimbro", they were uploaded by a member I respect very much. I see him as my teacher in the Levi's research hobby. None of the pictures has a watermark nor a copyright claim from a particular person/photo taker. Considering the historical information involved in these 5 items, only items 4 & 5 can be replaced by other materials to tell the same story from my understanding. I also see there are a lot of people struggling on whether they should continue to wear their CSF jeans. Despite the frustration and disappointment, I still think you should wear them as long as you feel comfortable. After all, they are still very nice jeans sewed by an experienced, passionate Japanese guy. Wearing a pair of CSF jeans in your wardrobe should not be viewed as a particular opinion or standpoint. Just my five cents.
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