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  1. 1 hour ago, Martin13 said:

    Hi guys ! I ordered a OW and hemmed, did not received shipment information yet

    Ryo also said me 

    30 OW
    37cm doubled 74cm

    How well do you think the waist will stretch ?

    The waist should have been 76 cm for a 30 OW. I did not want to make it work, I would like to be confortable.

    I struggled so much to choose the right size, I am kind of disappointed right now.

    I should have sized up to 31 maybe...

    Same here i will struggle with the thighs. Should have gone 31 ow

  2. 10 hours ago, Collin said:

    Is anyone thinking of participating to the Indigo invitational contest at the same time with their TCB 40? It crossed my mind but I don’t know if I can hold on wearing the TCB 40 until October !!! 

    I am participating in indigo invitational. Its only a matter of one month.


    8 hours ago, Hopethisoneisnttaken said:

    It crossed my mind but the indigo invitational is all about high contrast fades, which I am very much against. Also the only chance to win that type of contest is by wearing your jeans non stop for 365 and not wash, which is definitely not for me. I tried a one year contest once, I got in third and it was super intense. Too much for me. 

    May be this time they will consider vintage fades too. They have put up in the rule list that only natural fades allowed no sanding no starch etc. Also swiss jeans freak is going to be one of their judges.

  3. 1 hour ago, Duodequinquagesimus said:

    Thank you all!

    this is crazy. The more I see the worse it gets. Spent hours online and cannot decide. This is a lot of work. 

    I am also looking for black jeans. Found samurai ones you mentioned and tcb 50s slim in black. You can try that if you want tappered fit

  4. 10 hours ago, mondo said:

    I hate to be that guy with the fit questions.. I've spent – what? 15 years on the sidelines here and always thought I'd know what to do when the time came, but no.

    All my jeans be 34s, baby, but I can see from the way they fit the model at the start of this thread that it's going to be a bit of a.. stretch. I'm the same height as that guy, but somehow have an extra 20-odd kilos stashed away about my person.

    If it means anything, SC47 in a 34 is my goldilocks fit (so much so that I busted out a fresh pair I'd been hoarding in the hope that it would make me forget about this competition, but again, no). I have at least three pairs of those (actually, one's a 33, which is still good), as well as a metric f___ tonne of other makes in those two waist sizes. Of all of them, LVC 54z is probably the snuggest fit in a 34x34 that still looks acceptable.

    So I dunno, 36 seems the logical choice, but vanity and insecurity must be considered.. plus the fact that the few pairs of 36 I've accumulated because they were like $10 at the thrift store (hello, SC2014) look like absolute crap on me – but (again, thriftiness) I've never had the pleasure of shrinking 36 raws down to fit. I guess I could keep ramping up the temperature until they work. Hmm.

    Have I just answered my own question?

    I have a lvc 54 in 30 and they are skinny for me. I have ordered tcb s40 in 30 ow. My other ww2 jeans was from samurai s3000vx in size 29. They were tight post soak, but they fit perfectly after few months of wear.

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