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    Its actually ZEdobGJHRnpkQTBLQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ== which is [email protected] (l not 1, and s not S) email it and you get linked to https://www.grailed.com/VEhF_TEFTVA
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    Glad you promote such a welcoming environment Definitely feel more inclined to post now. We could be best friends! No accusations against Acronym. Just paranoia of the delivery pathway. The J36 I got before arrived without issue, box was in good condition, just with the acronym tape sealing it. The 3a-1's box was a bit battered, had UPS tape poorly applied to it in places, and just didn't look cared for, and then no stripe on the plastic bag. So my paranoid mind got the better of me, and I thought, maybe, possibly, the real item could have been replaced with a fake. I just thought I'd ask here, assuming there would be no harm in it.
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    So my 3a-1 arrived today, direct from Acronym. I noticed that the plastic bag is came in doesn't have the red stripe, and the box it shipped in wasn't in the best condiftion. Am I just being overly paranoid or can the plastic bag not have the stripe? Thanks.
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    Wearing my J36-S and feeling attacked
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