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  1. 30 minutes ago, frenchbulldog said:

    all owetoe does is buy at homie price, throw it in the tumble dryer for an hour, and flip at 30%. probably not worth selling this guy shit, or if you do, play his same game.

    So all you want to condemn me for selling something for more than what I paid for it. One I can list it for whatever the HELL I feel is appropriate. If you don't want to buy shut the fuck up and keep scrolling. Also if your going to talk shit also give me props when I'm saving people money. The J1A-GTKP I listed is for 350 less than what I got it for and is BRAND NEW and the p17-ch I listed for sale is listed for 100 less than why I paid and the p23A-DS is listed for exactly what I paid. You want to talk shit on here condemning me over the price hike and not looking at the other side of the coin can go fuck them selves. Everyone I've ever dealt with I've never fucked over anyone or has had a bad transaction. Won't say shit to someone in person but will just call out the negative about something on here. 

  2. WTS (All prices in USD, includes shipping in the US, add for international shipping and PayPal fees)

    J1A-GTKP sz L brand new 1750 

    P17-ch 9/10 sz small only pants night color 1000

    P10A-E 9/10 sz XL full pack black color 1000

    P23A-S 8/10 sz med full pack raf color 1000

    P23A-DS 9.5/10 sz med full pack 1550

    WTT-(looking for & can offer any of above +/- cash for following)

    J73-ws sz L or XL

    J59ts-ch sz med or L

    J47A-WS sz L or XL







  3. Major shout out to @Wklcarl. Hong Kong to NY in 4 days. Shipped/ordered on the 8/7 and received today 8/11. Incredibly fast shipping, the pants are perfect 10/10 and took extra care in the packaging to make sure spec sheet would not crease in transit. This guy can't be beat. Highly recommended Acronym FAM. 

  4. WTS

    J78-WS sz XL full pack brand new (only tried on) 1000++
    P23A-S sz small, black,  full pack, 8.5/10 1300++-SOLD
    P17-CH size small, only pants, 8.5/10 1100++
    J36-S, Size large, black, full pack 8/10 1400++ prices in USD

  5. Does anyone know if there are much differences between the P31-DS and the P33-DS other than the p31 has belt loops and the P33 has zippered pockets on either side of the leg where your arms fall. Thank you in advance. 

  6. WTB J59ts-Ch size small, med or large 

    WTB P17-DS sz small or medium 

    WTT P33-DS size med for size small

    I have a J1A-GT 2.2 size medium, brand new & a J1A-GTKP size large, brand new to trade for above mentioned J59ts or p17 if you do not want to sell outright  


  7. 1 hour ago, kenwiryadi said:

    @owetoe540 i handwashed mine without wringing, twisting, folding etc and it had no wrinkles after i hang dry it. Have u tried steaming the wrinkles?

    I havnt yet, that is what I am probably going to do just wanted to pick peoples brains first before I did. I use a garment bag and wash with a grangers product on gentle cycle with cold water and the pants are very wrinkled. On tag it says do not use dryer so I just hang dried. 

  8. Can anyone share some information on how they remove wrinkles from their Acr items after they are washed? I've noticed DS fabric doesn't get to wrinkled after washing and then hang to dry but Stotz material after you wash and hang to dry looks horribly wrinkled. Not sure of the correct means to attack this problem and any insight would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 

  9. WTS

    P23-S, black, size small, 8/10 patina, full pack 1k net

    J47A-GT, Black, size XL, 9/10 no bag or spec sheet, includes everything else 1300 net

    J44-SD, Black, size XL brand new full pack 1300 net

    J78-WS, Black, size XL, brand new full pack w/receipt 1200 net 

    discount on multiple items


  10. 13 hours ago, ogre said:

    Mine is like that but even more extreme. It has that strange wavy pattern throughout the entire jacket. Looks terrible. I haven't had a chance to try ironing it out, because otherwise it's basically unwearably ugly.


    16 hours ago, Willy19 said:

    sorry to cut the conversation
    does anyone have j44-sd become like this after getting washed?:sad:


    Have you guys considered using a steamer? I use mine for almost everything and it works wonders to remove wrinkles without damaging fabric. Just a suggestion. I have the J44SD but haven't worn it yet sadly. 

  11. 14 hours ago, dixonschneider said:

    Yet there are lots and lots of posts on the internet asking for your "affordable" acrnm alternatives but simply none of them gets it quite on a level like the original. In the end you get something with a very unique design DNA and that is what enables such high price points for them and probably why most people buy it in the first place, with the "functionality" as added benefit.

    Also the J1A is not a good example if you want to talk about "innovation" (meaning, completely new products) because it is reworked in iterations for 20 years now. Why not look at the current lineup instead? J82 and J84, very unique and new models, maybe with less "function" in terms of pockets etc. but still a very fresh design you won't find anywhere else. Speaking of functionality, the pockets on the (also new) P35-DS are really something else - you have like 11 of them and most are also really spacious, all of this without looking like a cargo pant at all.

    And yes, J1L/J47 and P10 are all nothing new but then again, you can't re-invent the wheel on all models every season. Some people are also glad about re-iterations because they missed previous seasons and don't want to pay premium re-sell on used items.


    The p35-DS are the pants I have been wearing more than any other as of late. They just work. The pockets are phenomenal and for me the perfect pair 

  12. Yes we are all paying a huge markup because it is ACRMN plain and simple. Just like Louis Vuitton for instance anything they do not sell in their stores they literally burn rather than markdown or put on sale so people will pay that insanely high markup. 
    But there is that "exclusivity" no one touched on. I myself do like the fact that when I walk out of the house with a certain item on knowing I will more than likely be the only one I encounter wearing that item. I like that. 

  13. 1 hour ago, hooper said:

    i just think this stuff looks cool

    I agree with you, but I think some may feel guilty to admit it because ACR is expensive and half to justify their purchase with the different features rather than just its aesthetics. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Toast-Artillery said:

    I need some sizing advice in regards to Acronym jackets. I'm gonna use that Death Stranding J1A-GTKP as a base to reference this off of.  I'm about 5'8", fit build. What size would be best for my body type? I'd like it to fit similarly to how the DS jacket looks on Errolson and/or the guy in the J1 unboxing YouTube video posted a few pages back.


    Size small would fit the same as Errolson or "This is Antwon" I believe Errolson is wearing a size medium and Antwon a size Large but they are both 6 foot and 6 foot 1 respectively. 

  15. On 4/25/2020 at 7:28 AM, owetoe540 said:

    P34-S, RAF, Sz Large, worn twice 9.5/10 full pack 900.00 usd all in gifted includes domestic shipping SOLD

    P10A-E, Alpha green, Sz XL, 9.5/10,(brand new only tried on) full pack 1000.00 USD all in gifted (includes domestic shipping)

    J44-SD, Black, Sz XL, Brand new full pack, 1400.00 USD  all in gifted (includes domestic shipping )

    P23A-S, RAF, Sz XL, Brand new only comes with pants, 1000.00 USD gifted (includes domestic shipping)+30.00 usd for international shipping *SOLD*

    J68-S, RAF, sz XL, 9/10, full pack, 1350.00 usd gifted ( includes domestic shipping)

    My grailed account is same username where they are listed with pics 

    Offers welcome, I have hundreds of transactions & feedbacks on Grailed (same username) 

    located in New York


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