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  1. HumphreytheWarrior


    seems like a lot of China bumboys and bumgirls on this site!
  2. HumphreytheWarrior


    Thanks! Makes it even better!
  3. HumphreytheWarrior


    Very funny, what does the second last line say: "ENFI??? ??EVE
  4. HumphreytheWarrior


    Is its scratchy or itchy? I have found some similar wool-based Acronym products to be that way.
  5. HumphreytheWarrior


    All the Corona Viruses for sure, and all the fake and bogus medical masks and gloves!!! We are really going to have to take a look at what we buy from China in the future. Luxury products and toys like iPhones ok. Drugs and essential health products . . .no way!
  6. HumphreytheWarrior


    I have in the past, but the package was not from Acronym and it arrived via Canada Post not UPS. Canada Post just had me sign a form declining the package and they said they would return it to the sender. Now getting a refund from the shipper is another thing entirely.
  7. HumphreytheWarrior


    You will have to pay duty (feds), brokerage fees (UPs) and sales taxes (state)
  8. HumphreytheWarrior


    Do you know what the round velcro patch on the left sleeve and the square velcro patch on the front pocket are for? Are they just for sticking a velcro accessory on?
  9. HumphreytheWarrior


    I find the J65-AK to be somewhat itchy, picky, or scratchy. I have to wear a thick shirt or a jacket underneath or wear two layers of shirts underneath. It's warm and it's nice-looking when new but I must agree . . .it won't wear too well!
  10. HumphreytheWarrior


    The last collection of shorts was excellent. I bought 2 pairs. However, they could have ditched the rear pocket flaps (they just made accessing the rear pockets more difficult and raised the price for no good reason.) Also, access to the side pockets was made more difficult by the rear-facing design. Increased design and manufacturing cost and zero utility!!! The left and right "phone" pockets were great!! I missed the little internal pocket inside the front of the left pocket. I used it for usb drives and other small stuff. Those corner extensions of the main left and right pockets continue to piss me off. Every friggin' Acronym creation has them. They are old, useless and . . . . . . . They trap everything from lint to whatever. They should have been abandoned long ago. I get my wife to sew them closed; but sometimes I miss and . . . .
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