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  1. japanalogue

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Iron Heart UK interview. Wondering what’s up with IH’s new slubby denim? Read on to find out! Iron Heart interview
  2. japanalogue

    Double Volante interview (Yu Kuniyoshi)

    Nice call, yes he does.
  3. Not super well-known, Yu Kuniyoshi of Double Volante has quietly been doing his thing on the sunny island of Okinawa for over 13 years now, after spending 10 years in Okayama at Kapital learning his craft. A super friendly guy, Kuniyoshi-san is old school...the guy doesn't even own a computer. Hope you'll enjoy the interview, but I should warn you that it's pretty much impossible to get his jeans if you live outside of Japan because he has no stockists, no online shop, and doesn't speak much English. He did tell me however that you're welcome to try and DM him on Instagram (@doublevolante), but please be understanding that a reply might take some time as he tries to work through the language thing. Enjoy! Double Volante interview
  4. japanalogue

    The Strike Gold

    Interview with The Strike Gold's Tohru Hamamoto if you're interested. https://www.japanalogue.com/the-strike-gold-tohru-hamamoto/
  5. japanalogue

    UES Denim

    EDIT: Haha, sorry, didn't realize the link to the interview was already posted above.
  6. japanalogue

    Evisu is still loved!

    Will be interviewing Yamane-san (Hidehiko) soon. Anyone have anything specific you'd like me to ask or find out? Cheers, Dave
  7. japanalogue

    Samurai Jeans

    If anybody is interested in Samurai's organic Japan Cotton Project, I've just finished my article on it here. I hope some of you will find it enjoyable or informative. https://www.japanalogue.com/samurais-cotton-project/
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