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  1. Soggy

    Sugar Cane Denim

    @Pedro Thank you! I forgot to mention that I’m 5’9”, 175lbs. The SC40400 are both size 32 and the 1947s are size 30.
  2. Soggy

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hello to all, first post here, as the proud new owner of @beautiful_FrEaK 's old pair of SC40400 Hawaii's I thought I'd post some comparison photos of my older pair and the new pair. The older pair was purchased about 1.5 years ago through buyee off yahoo auctions japan. I wasn't too sure about the fit of the Hawaii but the starting bid was low and I was the only bidder so there wasn't much risk. Once I received them I was happy with the fit but they looked like they'd been machine washed/dried to within an inch of their life with pretty much zero contrast or definition, and if it wasn't for the variegated color of the denim used they'd probably look like stonewashed mall jeans (nothing wrong with that but not really what I would prefer). Since then they've grown on me and I've worn them sporadically while keeping an eye out for another pair in as close to new condition as possible. When I saw beautiful_FrEaK's post about selling his pair I figured it was the best chance I'd have for a like-new pair all these years after they were produced. After a few messages and arranging payment they were shipped very quickly and I received them a few weeks later. Thanks b_F! My first impression upon taking them out of the box was a bit of shock at how much bigger they were than my existing pair (both size 32), but since they'd only had an initial soak and some light wear that stretched them back out compared to the countless hot washes and trips through the dryer my pair has clearly had I figured I would need to give the new pair a wash both to get out any remaining shrinkage and to make them wearable for me as my old pair were already not very tight. They received a warm gentle wash and were hung to dry along with my existing pair which were pretty dirty. The pre and post wash measurements are as follows: New Pair pre wash/post wash: Waist: 17" / 16" Front rise: 12" / 12" (no change) Back rise: 16.25" / 15" Thigh at seam: 13" / 12 5/8" Thigh 1" down from seam: 12.5" / 12" Thigh 2" down from seam: 12.25" / 11.75" Knee 13" down from seam: 9.75" / 9.25" Inseam: 33" / 32" Hem: 9" / 8 5/8" Pre/post wash for my old pair for comparison: Waist: 16/25" / 15/75" Front rise: 11.75" / 11/5" Back rise: 15.75" / 15" Thigh at seam: 12 5/8" / 12.25" Thigh 1" down from seam: 12.25" / 12" Thigh 2" down from seam: 12" / 11.75" Knee 13" down from seam: 9.5" / 9.25" Inseam: 29.25" / 28.5" (It seems so obvious to me now but I never realized my old pair had been hemmed, since it wasn't chainstitched I just assumed it was the original hem, whoops!) Hem: 8.75" / 8 5/8" Now for the pictures, and my apologies for the low quality photos: canvas bag aloha shirting material furoshiki, might be enough to make a tiny hawaiian shirt side by side of old and new new old patch and hem comparison fit pics of old pair with small double cuff fit pics of new pair cuffed For now these will be my evening/weekend jeans, as I picked up an old pair of SC1947 with arcs and tab off of @beatle through Grailed a few months ago and I've been wearing them to work Monday-Friday. Here's some fit pics of those, tag size 30: Sugar Cane and all the Toyo brands are among my favorites and I feel fortunate to get both of these old pairs in new condition around the same time. I'll be sure to update with more pictures periodically once they're worn more. Thanks again to beautiful_FrEaK and beatle!