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  1. rommeeeezy

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Price drop $1425 + Shipping + Fees. Final drop. Need gone ASAP
  2. rommeeeezy

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J36-S Black Size L (Full pack, OG everything) 9.5/10 -- Worn Once. Price: 1650 (retail) + Shipping + Fees
  3. rommeeeezy


    Anyone have ideas as to what time the usual drops or releases happen or is it particularly random? Assuming the 05/05 is for a new drop of some kind. But of course it's still shrouded in 5 layers of mystery.
  4. rommeeeezy


    Sorry, first post here... But could anyone give me the details on how the customs payment works for the item to be released to you? (Living in U.S.) I know that there are specific HST codes we could provide UPS to lower the customs hit, but does that happen at the door for delivery, or is that something you have to pay ahead of time by calling in? And do you have to do something in order for them to release the item from customs, or is it just a waiting game? Just ordered my first piece (J-36S) so I just want to know ahead of time how it works.