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  1. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    This 2-tone shirt/jacket looks great with an old pair of the 517 or 646 jeans (may sound sacrilegious here, but I am not much of a 501 man). A perfect fit for me in XL, so I am 1 for 3 this season in LVC purchases with regard to fitment. What surprised me was to see it's made in China, which would bother me if I hadn't gotten the 40% discount.
  2. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Thanks Cusswords-- Those jackets do look great. The only issue is that they don't have any 44/46/XL sizes, and they really aren't any cheaper than the LVC that was 40% off. I still don't get why LVC is calling this a "1970s" jacket: these were made from the late-'50s through the 1960s. I used to spot tons of them--usually in marginal condition--at the Rose Bowl swap meet. Unlike jeans that you can toss in the wash, decades-old suede sherpa jackets that smell moldy/musty (and more often than not with a decided whiff of BO) usually don't clean up all that well in my experience.
  3. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    I looked now and I found a cool sherpa/corduroy rancher jacket by Sugar Cane in four different colors, but I couldn't find a suede one. The more I try on this new LVC Shorthorn in front of the mirror, the more I realize that while it fits perfectly in the shoulders, it billows too much in the body. For the $$ I paid--even with the 40% discount--it should be a great fit. I may just send it packing.
  4. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    When you say you see "jackets like that" in just about every town, it's all relative. A mass-produced Chinese jacket with synthetic/polyester lining would probably work fine and can be had at the Goodwill for cheap. If you find Levi's Shorthorn jackets for $50 at your local vintage market and you are so inclined, you might consider buying them up and flipping them on eBay.
  5. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Hi Pedro-- I got it at 40% off the original price, which is still high-dollar. It's made in Italy and the quality is excellent. Mine is the XL, and though I'm guessing the L would fit me trimmer in the body like the guy in the picture above, it would be too tight across the shoulders. One thing I can't stand with jackets is when I reach for something or I'm driving, and the cuffs go half-way to my elbows. To me, the guy in the picture needs another 1" in the sleeves. First-world problems..
  6. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Any thoughts on the made-in-Italy Shorthorn suede sherpa jacket? I picked one up with a 40% off coupon, though I'm over the barrel on keeping it or sending it back. Fits me perfectly in the shoulders & sleeves, and a bit roomy in the body which I prefer for this type of jacket. Still, it's a big chunk of change. (Picture courtesy of Nordstrom's)
  7. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Hello erk-- Thanks for opining. When these were semi-available a few weeks back, I contacted a bunch of LVC stores to inquire about the fit; about a half dozen who'd actually tried them on all reported true-to-size. If I were to go up one size (again, not an option at this late stage) that would make it the only garment in my closet in that size. I agree with you that the last two pictures look smaller than the first. (The last guy looks like he's wearing his little brother's jacket--who decided that's the correct size to be demonstrating to prospective buyers?) At any rate, I would say mine fits me similar to the first guy, only my sleeves look to be @1 inch longer. Understanding that it's a shorter body as you point out, my main concern is across the shoulder blades. I took a few pictures of the back and here below is the most unflattering: I'm a little bit leaning forward, and for whatever reason the sides are flapping open slightly. The shoulders feel ok at rest like this, but if I were driving or folding my arms in front, I would feel the "pull" across the shoulders. It isn't to the point of restricting movement, but I wouldn't want it to be any tighter... Thus to my main question: is this slimness I'm describing the intended fit of the Type III cut? If I were to size up there would be an extra 1" across the shoulders, but an extra inch in the sleeves as well that I don't feel I need. If I do stick with this, it seems it would be a situational jacket to be worn only with a t-shirt or a light, collarless long sleeve tee. Any collar-type shirt with cuffs would be too bulky. Again, is that standard with the Type III? Thanks again to you (and anyone else) for reading through and weighing in.
  8. NonJazarenko

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Hello-- Has anyone tried on one of these Type III Mash Up Corduroy Truckers? Accounting for the apparent slim fit I sized up from my usual when buying one, and while mine fits better in the sleeves than nearly every photo I find online of store models who look to be wearing skimpy jackets, I still have the sense that it's too snug. I don't own any Type III or slim-fitting trucker jackets, so maybe I'm just not accustomed to the fit. Returning mine for yet another size up would not be an option as these are sold out, and I won't pay the ridiculous triple retail they're commanding on the popular auction site. That said, I do love the colors. Trying to determine if it's just a question of getting used to a slim fit that is foreign to me. Each one of these guys looks like his cuffs would go half-way to the elbows if he were to reach straight out or up, but maybe that's the intended fit. I have to figure that stylists know the best fit for jackets they're trying to sell. May I know your thoughts?