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    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Found some '54s in the op shop for $10 and they fit perfectly. Some wear but plenty of life left and ability to make an imprint. I was a bit sceptical of getting them from Levis seeing as they were out of the premium raw selvedge game for a while but they have clearly put a lot of care into these, the roping in particular is quite impressive.
  2. -KapitalSteez-

    Studio D'artisan

    Anyone rocking the 40th anniversary pieces? I picked up the type 1 jacket and it is serving me well. Worth a wash to shrink the sleeves (comes one wash but has some shrink left in it and I have short arms). Some of the nicest denim to the touch I have experienced.
  3. I'm looking for a pair of straight or very soft tapered jeans with a higher rise, room for a big bum, and a lighter weight for summer (around 12-13oz). My options so far are: TCB 20s TCB Catboys Sugar Cane 1947 SDA 40th Heritage Warehouse 1001 I like the cinch back on some of these but it isn't a deal breaker. Only brand I own something of in list list is SDA, they also have the highest price, rather keep it low as they won't be my primaries. Open to other options.