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    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Got my pair yesterday and should have a little time to soak them today. Don’t usually do the “wear while soak” method, but I’m at the fat end of my spectrum right now and the size 38 I got is slightly snug in the waist. Don’t really want them to shrink up all that much in that area if I can help it. Should I manage to lose some weight (yeah right), the unsanforized fabric should hopefully shrink a couple inches in the waist and still be slightly snug, just the way I like my jeans to fit. The rest of the Jean is definitely relaxed through the seat/thigh and should be real comfortable for motorcycle riding. Length is as advertised, extra-long, and will still be plenty long for my 6’4” frame post shrinkage and stacked over some boots. Overall very good fit, I’m thrilled with what Roy calls “an ill-fitting garment by design and this is what gives them their unique look.” Takeaway on the fabric: nice and smooth hand but a surprisingly streaky appearance. I wasn’t expecting that but it looks really cool. Nowhere near as evenly saturated as department store 501’s, but considering the good results I’ve had with standard STF’s, these should be looking great with some wear. First pair of Roy’s and I’m not disappointed. As a long time Levi’s wearer, I couldn’t be more stoked on this test lot. No pics forthcoming, there’s a good reason for that too...