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  1. On 12/10/2021 at 3:38 PM, HK007 said:

    Just signed up after seeing this post, have to promote these pants.
    P38-AD is awesome. The insulation liner is super comfy, I didn't have the chance to get a P38-DS so I don't know the difference that much besides the side pockets. I have been wearing it for two weeks in November, with temperatures ranging from 5-15+ C, rarely feel hot indoors, never felt cold outdoors. I also noticed the inside-out wearing style reduces insulation level.

    The insulation "fur" isn't dense, but it's fluffy, so you won't feel it being compressed and released when pressing on it. No itch feeling either, the fur lies pretty flat.

    The pockets ain't interconnected, there is one set of pockets for each side. There's also no belt loop for the reverse fur side, so you are pretty much solely relying on the adjustable drawcord, ain't that comfortable to have those between the pants and waist I'm gonna say...

    I was debating whether I should get the AD or wait until I have a chance for the DS, but after getting this I only wish for another AD pant, it's way too good and I don't want to take it off for cold seasons! 

    I like the P38-AD as well. The insulation is just right. They keep me warm when walking the dog, but I don't get overheated when coming inside, and I don't have to change to un-insulated trousers.

  2. 13 hours ago, moneytalks said:

    nah if it's made by made in the light, they won't be. any optician will be able to expand the frame with heat to pop the lenses out to put scripts in for you

    Unlike you, I have a pair! You are wrong! Sure you can heat the frames up and pull out the lenses but try and put new lenses back in  . . . not a chance! I will take them to my optometrist next month when I get my eyes checked and report back but I know what he will say. . . . .

  3. On 5/6/2019 at 12:17 PM, brainerd666 said:

    That’s what I’m gonna find out when mine show up. If not I’ll most likely either pass them along at cost or send back. I’ve been putting off getting a pair of frames for awhile and was right on the edge of ordering some mykitas when these popped up. The cost is similar as well as the materials. Not sure about build quality but I’d be highly surprised if the ACR specs aren’t in the same league. 

    I am pretty sure you can't swap out the installed lenses for prescription ones. The existing lenses seem to be completely sealed in.

  4. On 5/6/2019 at 5:46 AM, lopiteaux said:

    The glasses aren't terrible, but I'm not swayed either.

    I like the naked look of the C, and the clipped look of the A. They do however look like you need to stand absolutely still in the back of the club with your head titled upward in order for them to stay in place.

    The standout piece is clearly the plush little case... drizzle me timbers...



    They are definitely for posing not for Wearing and using!

  5. 14 hours ago, brainerd666 said:

    @meccaNIZM I agree with the majority of your assessment.

    They do feel very front heavy, and I think they would’ve benefited more from wearing directly on the nose bridge as opposed to the pads. That would’ve meant a little redesign I think, but to go with such a heavy forward leaning frame and such light temples- the nose pads just don’t feel that great to me. It feels like they’re balancing as opposed to resting on the bridge of my nose. That’s probably partially due to the dimensions of my skull overall to a degree I’m sure, but more so the design. Even having traditional temples would help with this. I grew up wearing eyeglasses from a very young age and have owned quite a few pairs of higher end shades if that gives any clarity.  

     On a completely other note- the styling is just a bit too exaggerated for my taste in the all black frames I purchased. It’s nerd-core on steroids. I’m sure some can and will pull it off but it just doesn’t suit my facial structure. I have a strong/heavy brow, dark/sunken eyes, dark/coarse hair and they just add too much weight overall. I’ve worn strong blocky frames before, but these just feel too much with the frame weight and the lenses size.   

    The clip ons feel well made, but a bit fiddly and I can see it being a bit easy to scratch the frames with repeated use simply by handling the frames while donning and doffing. They actually almost slipped off the frames while I was putting them back in the protective plastic wrap. And yes- there is a noticeable gap while wearing if a strongish light source hits them at an angle.  

    I can say with a good amount of surety that this is my least favorite ACR item that I’ve had the opportunity to handle up close. Nothing feels very Acronym about it to me. There’s no hidden awesomeness, no new take on an old norm, no subtle functionality, no tiny detail that is commonly overlooked, no build quality that feels like it’s been considered and tested. I’ve owned other ACR pieces that didn’t work for my personal aesthetics, but I’ve ALWAYS appreciated the overall design and form/function.  

    These are literally just another pair of expensive sunglasses. 


    I feel the same way. These eyeglasses are too heavy and with the slippery nose pads, they will continually slide down your face; if it's warm and you are sweating, it will be worse.

    I wear eyeglasses so I was thinking that I would replace the lenses of the Acronym glasses with corrective ones. I have done this with frames from Ray-Ban, Hugo Boss and TAG. That doesn't appear to be possible with these. Build quality is only fair compared to other companies.

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