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    So I was browsing through Pinterest and stumbled upon this picture…is this thing actually real? Never seen an similar iteration before…so I’m skeptical…but the pocket and knee dart arrangements looking to familiar not be curios about if this is an actual acrnm product or not.
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    Alright, then there is still some time left before I need to get worried haha. thanks for the answer!
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    Don’t wanna interrupt the NG4 conversations but does anyone know how long does a repair case take till it got fixed and send back (approximately)? The pocket lining of my P30 had to get fixed. After opening a case and sending it (from Germany) I haven’t heard anything from ACRNM. I know my pants arrived at the right place but that’s it haha So anyone has some experience with the repair service ACRNM and the usual procedure and time it takes?
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    I see, quite unfortunate that this seems to be a common problem with P30, I´m gonna shoot them an email and hope for the best, thanks for the tip!
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    (pls delete if not allowed) so I’m wearing the p30a-ds gen 1.1 quite frequently lately and noticed the other day that the pocket lining had a defect. Do you guys experienced the same issue with the pocket lining?
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