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  1. FENDI 2020 Early Spring Vacation Collection - This is Fendi's first series without Karl Lagerfeld's guidance that led by creative director Silvia Venturini. Fendi's new collection is inspired by the 80s thriller "Gloria". The opening and the finale are bright red, the patent leather adds boldness and fiery to the classic windbreaker; tailored suit with a high split skirt or even the fork skirt paired with high boots that is sexy and capable; the classic double F logo designed by Lafayette continues to appear as the main element on each item. What do you think of this latest vaction collection?
  2. Cassiechan

    Popular Red Color in 2020

    Frirelight red color will become one of the most popular color in 2020/2021, do you agree with it?
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    Watches and Denim

    Beautiful watches
  4. Tmall's "New China Fashion Era" partnered with China Pop-up Market at Opening Ceremony; 2. This season, Angel Chen takes inspiration from Mistress Ching, a pirate during the Qing Dynasty. The collection incorporates traditional Chinese references and sea cultures, tapping into a pirate spirit; 3. Vivo joined forces with Angel Chen for a creative show. The technical elements of Vivo X23 were infused into the S/S 19 collection, and smartphones appeared on the catwalk as accessories. How do you think of Chinse Fashion Brands? The images are from https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_5012-col_30/