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  1. CaligulaZ

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Yeah, I see. I didn't buy the 1966 just right though, I bought them a tad too tight in the waist (but perfect everywhere else). If they stretch out by an inch they'll be just right. But I need to prevent the waist from shrinking any further, or else it may not stretch out enough. Think I may get a waist stretcher.
  2. CaligulaZ

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Hi there, new user here. New to LVC too, only had mainline STFs before. I got a pair of LVC 1966 yesterday as I'm really into the style. Most advice I read said go TTS for a snug fit. However, I'm really slim so decided to take a risk and size down by one (W30 rather than W31) as they looked just perfect in the fitting room. My true size was too baggy (esp in thigh and seat, which are barely affected by shrinkage). The pair I took home is seriously tight in the waist. If it stretches out by an inch over time, though, it will be just right. So what I need to do is prevent it from shrinking. My usual STF habits: a soak in the tub before wearing and infrequent cold soak thereafter. No washing machine, no soap. I'd like to stick to that. How do I keep the waist from shrinking? I understand a cold first soak is better than a hot one? Will I still get some inseam shrinkage this way? Another piece of advice I read is wear them in the tub and let them dry on you - I don't want to do that as I find it stretches the knee area. So if I find the waist has shrunk when taking them out of the tub, what are the best ways to stretch it back to its initial size? Has anyone had any experience with jeans waist stretchers? Thanks.