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  1. octose

    Urban Techwear

    Less tech more street but meh.
  2. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    In dire straits - been on the lookout for nearly two years now and after copping a pair of converts, this is the last grail piece on the menu for now. I'm looking for SISP "DECONSTRUCT FIELD JACKET WITH GATEWAY POCKETS (DAVID-C, TC+SILVER MIST TREATMENT)" in XXL. Been on the search for this one for two years now. Scoped an XL piece earlier this year but just too small for my titties if I wish to layer. I'll pay handsomely for top-notch condition. Please aid my search. If you find me one I'll PayPal a gift.
  3. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    If anyone has any jackets or pants from SS17 in bigboy sizes please let me know. In dire need of David C or Flight Jacket in Silver Mist in XL/XXL or Purple Nylon Pants in 50/52.
  4. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Season's vid just dropped