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  1. Just a little update on my end since I seem to be one of the few still purchasing SP pieces. I want to give a particular mention of the Bi-Stretch R-Nylon pieces that came out this past FW season. It's essentially Schoeller Dryskin, except it feels...better? The handfeel is nearly identical (7% EL/93% PA vs. Schoeller's 9% EL/91% PA), yet it's slightly thicker and sturdier due to being less elastic. Anyways, I ended up buying 2 pairs of the same wide-legged pant on sale (~$300/pair) and I wear them 5-6 days/week. Insane pair of trousers.
  2. Some pieces stocked over at https://www.saintalfred.com/collections/acronym-1
  3. There are some insane deals on past-season pieces over at Saint Alfred right now. Already marked down in sale, 45% off added via checkout. J47-GTs = ~$850 USD pre-tax J27-GTs = ~950 USD pre-tax J90-SS and -DS = 600/510 USD respectively. They got some other pieces too but def CHECK IT OUT
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