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  1. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I feel like SISP gets a rep for being techwear more than it really is as well. I've always been more into the street side of fashion and thought Tech was a little too movie-esque Sci-Fi for me, but that SISP offered a medium between street cozy with a more updated techy twist. But I also feel like in the past year E has moved away from having full hands on SISP and has let the ACR team as a whole handle it. I'm sure he's still part of the design team but it doesn't feel like he's doing as much as he used to -- which might also play into the fact that SISP looks a lot less like ACR than it did pre-2018. Just my thoughts though.
  2. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Meh -- every piece will end up in a sale section somewhere. Even those SCARABEO parkas hit 50% off in some places.
  3. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    https://www.stoneisland.com/wx/stone-island-shadow-project/coats-jackets for some reason its showing the new products here
  4. octose

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    not sure why resolution is dogging me but click on my big belly for a better look
  5. octose

    Techwear sale-steals

    Cheers scamster -- been looking for those Gray SISP pants. Good price.
  6. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Gorgeous pieces and thank you for info Wise - looking very forward to what the crew has cooked up for this season
  7. octose

    Techwear sale-steals

    Damn you guys cleaned that up quick lol
  8. octose

    Techwear sale-steals

    If you're a Medium IdolBrooklyn has some stupid prices on SISP -- Just picked up the Black zip knit Sweater bomber and Free fed-ex ground shipping was included. $175 down from $625 https://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/black-zip-knit-sweater $250 down from $650 https://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/natural-white-zip-knit-hooded-sweater $60 down from $175 https://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/black-catch-pocket-logo-tee $45 down from $120 https://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/coral-red-knit-beanie $45 down from $120 https://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/natural-white-knit-beanie $125 down from $250 https://www.idolbrooklyn.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/products/black-zip-knit-scarf
  9. octose

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    Still on the lookout for most recent SISP Convert F/W 17/18 Cargos in Black or Olive - Condition 9+/10 preferred.
  10. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    More goods popping up - heres a few more via Haven https://shop.havenshop.com/collections/stone-island-shadow-project/
  11. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Couple of new SS 19' joints here https://www.luisaviaroma.com/en-us/shop/men/stone-island-shadow-project/clothing?lvrid=_gm_d4nw_i1
  12. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I was tempted by some prices this past month but after looking at various forum reviews via google -- people had several hundred dollars or even thousands scammed off their cards, which was later tracked back to Italist. Other's had wrong items sent to them (different color/model/pieces with missing details or hardware-i.e. broken) and returns were a hassle -- no free returns, took months to process.
  13. octose

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Hidden Characters x2 (Hat/Bag) SISP (Vest/Sweater/Pants) ACRNM x Nike
  14. octose

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Be weary with Italist as they have been known to compromise card info and deliberately send wrong items.