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  1. jimmy_d

    The Flat Head

    Were the measurements the same on both pairs?
  2. jimmy_d

    The Flat Head

    Thanks guys! @SmokeStackLightning what is the difference between the 3005 and 3005-s? Which version do you have? @somatoform thanks, those are more of the thigh measurements I was hoping for. Where'd you get those, over here or Japan? I want to make sure I find the cut with the most room in the thighs.
  3. jimmy_d

    The Flat Head

    Hey everyone - this is my first post on here. With the recent Flat Head news, I think I want to get a pair of 3005's before there is a possibility of losing my chance. I have 3009's that I love, but I don't have anything in the classic straight leg cut. The problem is that I can't seem to find accurate measurements. Self Edge's measurements seem different than what I got from 2nd (from what I could translate) which is different from Heddels (not sure where they got that chart from). I have big hockey player thighs so that's my main area of concern. Anyone have an accurate size chart or know how the thighs compare to the 3009's in a size 36? Thanks.