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  1. @maharu Thanks for your input sir. Cause my brand is heavily influenced by Japanese Denim, then i usually check out the most modern Japanese Denim such as Momotaro, JB and Tanuki which i think did a very great work to be able to enter EU and US market by providing a cut that represent them. That is why i rarely saw an American / EU brand's sizing, another reason is, i got confused with their size charts. Let's take a look at the Buck Jeans you mention, the front rise measurement is the same at 31,32 and 33 (based on Standard and Strange sizing at their website), then only increased by 0,25" at size 35 and 36. Maybe i am still not at the level to understand their size grading for each size, because for the past 8 years, what i always did and learn is that the front rise should have around 0,25" diffrences at each size... Same goes with leg opening that only have 0,25" differences between size 32 and size 36.. I am really willing to learn from you guys that i am sure is way more experienced at how a good relax tapered fit should. ~~~~~~~ For the leg opening , i always thought this model is coming because of the streetwear and sneakers trend , so people is not wearing much slim straight anymore cause they want to show their 500$ Limited edition sneakers. So i draw my relax tapered measurement 7" at size 32 (36" inseam), and 8" at size 36 (36" inseam). I guess it will around 0,25" wider at 30" inseam.
  2. Hi sir , wow thanks for the input. I dont think i want to go as high as LeftField Charles Atlas or Ironheart 888 , because i think it might be too high for reguler westerner. For the room at the top block , actually i am trying something with the pattern shape, and hips/seat measurement... If 15.25" at size 32 means the backrise measurement will be around 16inch at size 35 (my jeans have a true to label waist measurement) Yeah , actually im thinking when the prototype is done, i want to ask someone from this forum to help me try it. Actually i need someone with size 32/33 waist and the 28/29 one. Just to check the measurement from small, medium and large size is properly graded.. Reddit is a little bit hard for me to understand, even some peoples said that Reddit might be the better forum to share thought and to gain awareness, but i think i'll choose SUFU for the higher level of credibility and experiences...
  3. Hi Guys , im the owner of indonesian denim brand WARPWEFT COMPANY, as i already ask last year about the Relax Tapered / High Tapered fit jeans. I already did some trial for this new cuts. It is quite confusing to do the size grading to a smaller size as the size chart around the web is quite different from each other. I'm using Tanuki High Tapered and Japan Blue Dog Days as a references... What i want to ask is, Ironheart 888 have a very high front rise measurement if compared to my references above. Ironheart 888 have 11.5" front rise at size 32 when compared to 10.5" front rise at Tanuki and JapanBlue Dogdays. So, while i cannot find a model to confirm this matter (a 185-195cm model with a bigger western build). As for the backrise, i can find someone with a fuller butt cheek to test it out , so i already decide a 15.25inch back rise for a 32inch waist size. Can you guys give me a good input regarding this front rise measurement annd give me your thought and experience? Because i found out that several western denimhead want to buy my jeans but find it that the measurement did not accomodate their body.