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  1. View Advert Momotaro 0605-18 33x34 Worn once, rise is too high. $250 CONUS or trade for more Momos- BOM006 ideally but I'd take any 34-36, rise below 11.25in. Also interested in PBJ, Iron Heart, anything. I need contest jeans now that these didn't work out! Advertiser dogboy Date 01/16/2018 Price $250.00 Category denim  
  2. View Advert Iron Heart 21oz. 634S, 30 x 34 Tried on once- mixed up the measurements. Looking to sell for ~$200 CONUS or trade- looking for Iron Heart or PBJ, sz. 34-36 x 30 (haha) or jackets from Tender! Advertiser dogboy Date 01/16/2018 Price $200.00 Category denim  
  3. dogboy

    Iron Heart Jeans

    I have a pair of 21oz. IH 634s, sz. 30 x 34, that I bought not realizing the size measurements were mixed up! I'm a 34-36 x 30. Welp, they're gorgeous, I've only tried them on once. Anyone up for a trade? Was hoping for a pair of 21oz'ers, but I'll take anything interesting in my size- PBJ, IH. Throw it at me! Also, happy to sell. CONUS!
  4. dogboy

    Tender Co. Denim

    Hey- new to Superdenim, looking to buy any woad-dyed/colored jeans in 4/5 (34 or 36) and any jackets or shirts (preferably denim jackets, would love neat pockets in shirts or jackets) in sz. 3/4. CONUS! Can trade, too. Avid on reddit.