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  1. jasonlao

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J28-WS SIZE LARGE, worn a couple times - no flaws (except for random mark in the right pocket - will send pics to those interested) LF: P36-E SIZE LARGE Located in Canada
  2. jasonlao


    lmao mothersite already lagging like crazy - new drop up, they're loading 1 item at a time
  3. jasonlao


    They just fixed shipping and updated prices for the multi - stay tuned for Multi
  4. jasonlao


    the other multi, kinda looks like Ian broke his arm
  5. jasonlao


  6. jasonlao


    Man, I feel like a dumbass for paying $1950 USD off Hotoveli if mothersite has it for 1000 euros
  7. jasonlao


    1000 euros has to be a mistake right?? wtf
  8. jasonlao


    Can't ship to Canada
  9. jasonlao


    Coevo live as well - but extremely marked up there https://www.coevo.com/us/goods/goods_list.php?brandCd=001 Edit: List of stockists that I know carry the new collection or should at least receive it https://www.hotoveli.com/search?type=product&q=acronym https://hbx.com/men/brands/acronym https://www.notre-shop.com/collections/acronym https://labstorelondon.com/collections/acronym https://www.peggsandson.com/brands/acronym https://bdgastore.com/collections/acronym https://www.thebureaubelfast.com/shop/brand/acronym https://annmsshop.com/collections/acronym - SOON https://shop.havenshop.com/collections/acronym - SOON https://www.slamjam.com/en_IT/man/brands/acronym - SOON https://www.18montrose.com/acronym - SOON https://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/acronym/ - SOON https://www.hanon-shop.com/collections/acronym - SOON https://www.thedarksideinitiative.com/collections/acronym - SOON https://kith.com/collections/acronym - SOON https://www.ssense.com/en-ca/men/designers/acronym - SOON
  10. jasonlao


    I don't understand why people KEEP mentioning that Hotoveli has had their release pushed back - I already knew/know that. However, I don't think anyone has ever said anything about any other store. I'm just trying to find out more information regarding if this delayed drop is just a Hotoveli thing or if it's a every store thing. Edit: Next drop is November 23
  11. jasonlao


    Apparently pushed back until November 23rd. If anyone else can confirm with any of their local boutiques that carry Acronym, that'd be good to know if it's just Hotoveli or everyone.
  12. jasonlao


    @markdjr Holy shit, that's super clean. We definitely need some pictures to see how it fits. Might look into getting this done too as the only thing I hate about the J58 is the bunching of elastic hem. Also, does anyone know if it's only Hotoveli that's releasing the 2nd drop on November 23rd, or is everywhere also delayed from the original date of November 16th? https://www.hotoveli.com/collections/acronym/
  13. jasonlao


    Wore my J68-PL out again today. Super comfortable and warm. I’m really starting to like it more than my J58. The lack of elastic at the bottom hem makes it so much easier to layer and is much more comfortable while sitting down and doesn’t give a weird bulge if I don’t unzip the bottom.
  14. jasonlao


    I own size L in both 58-WS and 68-PL. I too thought that the 68 would be smaller based off of measurements. After trying it on, it’s a bit roomier for layering in the body. The lack of elastic hem at the bottom of the 68 really makes a different in layering. Depending on your body type, I might suggest going up a size in the 68 if you have broad shoulders as some people had mixed experiences and said that it’s a bit tight there. Similar to what @wexlersaid, I feel the 58 is a tad warmer as well.
  15. jasonlao


    Slightly more expensive than Haven - But yeah, seems like they hardly got any stock - 2/3 of every size roughly Does anyone own RAF in all the diff materials and can do a side-by-side colour comparison of them all?
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