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  1. STINGER93

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    I'm glad I skipped out on these - not that they're not great (they are), but I'm still getting so much enjoyment out of my Big Bro 2s (4 years on), which to me are the perfect blend of fit & details for this denim. Now if someone had a new/little-worn pair of Buck-Tites they were willing to part with (preferably size 30/31) they were willing to part with...
  2. STINGER93

    Watches and Denim

    Longines steel calatrava against my Stevenson 727s. I was NOT planning on buying any more watches for a long time, but when I got the opportunity to snag this one I couldn't say no. Most collectors favor these with sector dials and/or arabic numerals, but I'm a huge fan of how closely this one mimics the applied baton index dials Patek was putting on the original reference 96 around the same era (1930s-40s). Edit - cant get uploading to work, despite using a properly sized jpeg... Edit - There it is!
  3. STINGER93

    Watches and Denim

    I used to prefer the look of jubilee bracelets over oyster, but I lean more towards the oyster bracelet now that I've lived with one for a while. Took another photo of my Air-King (with a NATO band - which I haven't worn on a watch in a WHILE) to test out the camera on my iPhone XR. Jeans are my Fullcount 1009XX
  4. STINGER93

    Watches and Denim

    Also not to over-do it, but I this week got a ref.14000M Air King from 2000. I'd been wanting another Rolex since I sold my Datejust earlier this year, and holy shit this ticks all my boxes. The glossy black dials are so hard to photograph so I wasn't really prepared for just how much it changes depending on the lighting (from jet black to an almost pearlescent grey) Jeans are my Stevenson 727s.
  5. STINGER93

    Watches and Denim

    Oh hell yeah - that one's a beauty!! I love the variety in the dials Ulysse was using on their time-only watches back then. They're really distinct from the kinda stuff Patek/Longines/Omega was doing with theirs, but still clearly in the same tradition (if that makes sense?)
  6. STINGER93

    Watches and Denim

    Recently acquired this Ulysse Nardin calatrava from this 40s. This was something of a grail of mine - I've been trying to find one in this style from this manufacture for like, 5 years and this one is sooooo lovely to wear, especially on this NOS mesh bracelet (not original to the watch, but had bought it a while back on ebay and never used it for anything). Jeans in the background are my Fullcount 1109xx
  7. STINGER93

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Fuck yeah! Never expected anyone else to also post SadEx gear on here but sick either way. One of my all time favorites. I actually even have the cover of the Agonizing The Dead tape zapped onto the back of my arm.
  8. STINGER93

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Here are some full fit pics of my 1109xx. Size 31. Gave em a 45 min hot soak and they're perfect now, but I'm confident I'll be able to survive if they shrink a bit more after a full wash. Really loving these, especially the fabric and this sublime selvedge detail.
  9. STINGER93

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Just got a pair of 1109xx - here they are after a 45min warm water soak. Wasn't planning on a new pair, but my FH3002s got washed and apparently had wayyyyy more shrink left in them, so they're on eBay now and this will be my new main pair. Love this fit/fabric/pocket details, and there's definitely ample room if/when they shrink more next wash/soak.
  10. STINGER93

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Here are a few better photos. Its really tough to capture just what a great shade of blue these have aged to over the last 13 months, but I'd say the first photo is real close (all taken today).
  11. STINGER93

    The Flat Head

    Really like the angle of these whiskers. Great overall color/contrast too - these definitely do best with frequent washes
  12. STINGER93

    Stevenson Overall Company

    Not the best photo but my 727s are at the 13 month mark now. No clue how many washes I'm guessing 20? They're in rotation with my FH3002s now but I still wear em at least 3x per week
  13. STINGER93

    The Flat Head

    Yeah I feel like the heavier fabric it holds the indigo differently (if that's a thing) from the get go and my 2001s definitely faded to a lighter blue than what I've seen of the 14.5oz stuff. Totally loving this fit too - now that I'm comfortable in them it's nice to have a proper pair of skinny jeans in such a good fabric (most slim tapered jeans don't quite hug my super skinny legs like these do).
  14. STINGER93

    The Flat Head

    One week in on my 3002s. Got these on eBay for $175, soaked but unworn. They've stretched out to a fit I can live with, but honestly a size 31 might have suited me a bit better than a 30. Haven't ever done the 14.5 oz FH fabric, only the 16oz on my F2001 and I swear this is just a tad darker and hairier. Will be rotating these with my Stevenson's which were due for some relief after nearly a year of constant wear
  15. STINGER93

    The Flat Head

    Decided to sell my Mister Freedoms and want to give the Stevenson 727s a much needed break, so I jumped on a pair of sz30 F3002s (once-soaked, otherwise unworn/unhemmed) on eBay for $175. Picking them up from the PO tomorrow and stoked to be back in a pair of FH