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  1. Full Count Denim Thread

    Just got a pair of 1109xx - here they are after a 45min warm water soak. Wasn't planning on a new pair, but my FH3002s got washed and apparently had wayyyyy more shrink left in them, so they're on eBay now and this will be my new main pair. Love this fit/fabric/pocket details, and there's definitely ample room if/when they shrink more next wash/soak.
  2. Stevenson Overall Company

    Here are a few better photos. Its really tough to capture just what a great shade of blue these have aged to over the last 13 months, but I'd say the first photo is real close (all taken today).
  3. The Flat Head

    Really like the angle of these whiskers. Great overall color/contrast too - these definitely do best with frequent washes
  4. Stevenson Overall Company

    Not the best photo but my 727s are at the 13 month mark now. No clue how many washes I'm guessing 20? They're in rotation with my FH3002s now but I still wear em at least 3x per week
  5. The Flat Head

    Yeah I feel like the heavier fabric it holds the indigo differently (if that's a thing) from the get go and my 2001s definitely faded to a lighter blue than what I've seen of the 14.5oz stuff. Totally loving this fit too - now that I'm comfortable in them it's nice to have a proper pair of skinny jeans in such a good fabric (most slim tapered jeans don't quite hug my super skinny legs like these do).
  6. The Flat Head

    One week in on my 3002s. Got these on eBay for $175, soaked but unworn. They've stretched out to a fit I can live with, but honestly a size 31 might have suited me a bit better than a 30. Haven't ever done the 14.5 oz FH fabric, only the 16oz on my F2001 and I swear this is just a tad darker and hairier. Will be rotating these with my Stevenson's which were due for some relief after nearly a year of constant wear
  7. The Flat Head

    Decided to sell my Mister Freedoms and want to give the Stevenson 727s a much needed break, so I jumped on a pair of sz30 F3002s (once-soaked, otherwise unworn/unhemmed) on eBay for $175. Picking them up from the PO tomorrow and stoked to be back in a pair of FH
  8. Stevenson Overall Company

    Thanks! That's what I figured - just felt weird that I would go down to 28 from a 30 in the 727s.
  9. Stevenson Overall Company

    So I'm really considering a pair of 320 Jacksons as my next pair, but the waist sizing has me a little thrown. It seems like they're sized similar to 727s raw, but the fabric won't really on these shrink, so is it better to size down? I'm gonna try to make it to SENY to try on a pair, but just wanted some input if anyone has tried them before.
  10. Stevenson Overall Company

    Here are a few more I just took. They do not fully show just how white parts of the thighs have gotten but that was the most natural light I could find in my new apartment...
  11. Stevenson Overall Company

    Washed my 747s yet again - these have faded tremendously over the last 11 months. Their 1-year Mark is end of August (worn 5-6 days/week) so I'm gonna try to keep em out of the wash until then.
  12. Mister Freedom

    I think they shrink up more in the thigh/knee/leg opening due to the fabric, but yeah after two soaks they're definitely on the slimmer side of a straight leg. Also that pic is pretty much how they look head-on as well in terms of fit.
  13. Mister Freedom

    Whoops double post - my bad!
  14. Mister Freedom

    Decided to roll the dice and snag the last pair of Okinawa issue Lot 64s from the MF website. I have never done a straight fit with such a generous leg opening so I was a little apprehensive, but the 32 inseam with cuff ensures they hang right above the top of shoes and thus don't bunch up/look baggy. Wonderful jeans overall and by far my favorite details out of any other lot 64 issues I've seen.
  15. Stevenson Overall Company

    Very useable - perhaps the best out of the jeans I own. Large pockets and generous enough to comfortably walk with your hands in your pockets.