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  1. gumchum

    The Flat Head

    Is anyone aware of stores that sell the basic, loop-wheeled, "Glory Park" t-shirts? Self Edge is out of stock in my size. I'm maybe obsessed with them as I own several of them.
  2. gumchum

    Samurai Jeans

    Having just taken it out of its packaging to inspect, yep, it's a mouse pad.
  3. gumchum

    Samurai Jeans

    Would anyone like some Samurai paraphernalia that I got with my order from 2nd in Japan? They gave me a plaque (?; the size of a mousepad, I guess you put it in your car or something?), sticker, and handkerchief. Just cover the shipping and they're yours.
  4. gumchum

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Looks fine, particularly in the recent photos, in which you seem to fill out the jacket a bit more. Though I get the impression that the jacket is intended to fit close to the body, I think you made the right choice. I own the same jacket in 38 and it's tight in the chest and shoulders, but being short, a size up would have been too long, so I'm limited in what I can layer underneath. I'd like to find a jacket of a similar design and quality, but with a more relaxed fit, and that's proving to be difficult.
  5. gumchum

    The Leather Jacket Thread

    Looking for a jacket similar in style to the Real McCoy's 1930's Steinbeck sports jacket, however, with relaxed, boxy fit. Per RMC's style, the armholes on the Steinbeck are high and the arm sleeves are tight, making the jacket feel restrictive. Sizing up is difficult because the length dimensions are already perfect. Any recommendations on other brands/jackets to consider?
  6. gumchum

    Buzz Rickson

    Has the quality of the William Gibson MA-1 declined in recent iterations? I purchased one about five years ago, prior to the introduction of the slender cut, and I recall being very impressed with the heft and hardware of the jacket. I ended up selling that jacket awhile back only to now purchase it again, new. Maybe my memory is failing me, but this newer jacket, while still very nice, doesn't feel as heavy-duty or substantial as I recall. Has anyone observed something similar? I would be glad to hear that I've actually gone a bit mad.
  7. gumchum

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Thanks to all for the zipper advice. I purchased the jacket from Superdenim and reached out to them. I'm embarrassed to say that paying slightly more attention when zipping and un-zipping has fixed the problem.
  8. gumchum

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    @itsbenhere Here's a shot from the side. A bit hard to see from this angle, but the teeth at the start are squeezed somewhat close together. I can try to get another shot of the area when zipped. The way the teeth come together there looks to be slightly off.
  9. gumchum

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Having a bit of trouble with the zipper on a recently purchased Steinbeck jacket. It looks a section of teeth near the bottom isn't meshing well, so it takes a bit of trial and error to zip past that part. Even visually, it looks like those teeth are slightly warped. Is this something easily fixed by a tailor or should I somehow try to get it fixed by reaching out to RMC?
  10. gumchum

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    I have one in size small. I haven't worn it much yet, but me being short and slightly overweight, it's the best fitting sweatshirt I own: it's boxy, short in length, and has a fair amount of room in the body and sleeves.
  11. gumchum

    Unknown Japanese Brands

    Anyone heard of the shoemaker wheelrobe? I took a chance on a pair of their plain toe blutchers and have been pretty satisfied with them.
  12. Thermal shirts. Who wears them? Why? Every Japanese re-pro brand seems to make them and it's not clear to me why. I have several sweaters and now one thermal shirt, but I don't even know when I'd like to wear it.
  13. gumchum

    Vintage Sweatshirts

    I have one of their older ones before they came out with the revised fit that I've regularly washed and machine dried. It's probably at 5 years at this point and I've relegated it to home wear. I didn't notice much shrinkage, but the fit has become sloppier and it's lost much of its original softness.
  14. gumchum

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Thanks Foxy, and for the photos between the two, posted earlier in the thread. Another question: has anyone handled the 1930's Steinbeck in person? I've only been able to try a McCoy's Rough Wear A-2 thus far, which I found to be a good fit overall, though the arms were a bit tight. Differences in fit between the two or just general impressions would be appreciated.
  15. gumchum

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Can someone clarify the differences in cut between the Lot 001 and Lot 003? Based on some measurements on the Real McCoy's London web store, it looks like the 001 has a lower rise, larger leg opening, and possibly a larger thigh. I'm looking for something with little to no taper and generous room for the thighs. As far as I can tell, these two cuts are the only candidates from RMC.