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    @cusswords Hi there! I work in a denim store which sells Warehouse. Last week We recieved the newer 800's and I have compared the old with the new. We had the guys in from Warehouse at the end of last year and although communication was a little sketchy, they said pretty much what you stated are the differences.
  2. So a friend of mine found this bag recently in a charity shop/thrift store and then kindly gave it to me. I've looked online everywhere I can think of to find out more about it but so far I can't find anything. Can anyone help identify the brand? It says Primo on it however Google searches for this name don't come up with anything? Is it a defunct brand? Any infomation at all about the bag/brand would be greatly appreciated. (If this is posted in the wrong place sorry I'm new to this) Here are some pictures. https://imgur.com/a/9j7pb Cheers.