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  1. RodG

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Yes and I made sure everyone who looked at the listing knew there was a restock coming (I directly said so in the description). Whoever bought it was (or should have been) very well aware that they could wait and try next month. I also paid the ~$428 import tax on it as I've mentioned, so after fees that's not as large of a mark up as it appears. I'll take the negrep, but I didnt want to spam the topic with an over priced listing (~2.2k was my PayPal fee + shipping break even since I paid ~2,060, that's like 400 more than others could sell for) especially after everyone agreed to wait on wtbs.
  2. RodG

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Uh you could buy a 3A-13TS and a brand new 3A-MZ2TS for ~1400€ straight from acronym. Is the 3A-8TS worth that much more?
  3. RodG


    Im like 5'11"ish and same weight depending on last nights dinner, I thought my J28 (large) was roomy so I got a medium 2.2. As @billy_clinton said, the J1A is smaller in the chest/shoulder than I expected, and is a bit too tight for me with an insulator under it. The arms on the J28 feel too long for me, but are perfect length on the J1A. I thought the arm articulation in the J1A is equivalent, but arms forward leads to tightness in the shoulder on the J1A (made worse with an insulator). My insulator is just a uniqlo ultra light down thing, so it's not adding much but its puffy. Also, I thought everyone was tripping about the color, but it really is a bit different. Its super subtle, and I only noticed with direct comparison under an amberish light. J28 has a slight navy tinge that's missing from the J1A. Though again this is super duper subtle imo.
  4. RodG


    I actually really like the sleeve pocket and was surprised at how easy it was to use lol. I guess we are all different in some way. I wanted to store my airpods and the sleeve pocket so far seems like the best spot for them since the 'lipstick' pocket feels awkward to use. Also, sorry if I'm wrong here, isn't there still a side entry mezzanine pocket behind the flak pocket? I don't have it on me, but I remember thinking my phone would fall out if I left it in there. A top entry mezzanine would've been great, I use them constantly to store my phone/metro cards in my J28.
  5. RodG


    Fuck me dude that's nuts. Definitely feel dumb for not jumping on that. Guess I'll be busy Monday... Has anyone ever succeeded in getting them reduced after paying? Matte 100%, shiny just seems cheaper imo. Maybe the decision is due to the matte ones being a tad stiffer/bigger?
  6. RodG


    Identical to the J28 imo. Similar to most other GTPro, though I don't own any other pieces with that fabric so that's only from trying them on. I took some pictures but it's pretty boring how similar they look under a flash so I'll spare the data usage. I will say the difference between used and unused is definitely real. So if I compare the arms I would say the J1A is more coarse. Compare the hoods (which I leave folded a lot) and you wouldn't know the difference. Honestly I'm not super duper familiar with the old J1A, so I'm not very sure. Gonna look up some pictures tho and see what I see. Yeah not seeing much but the collar, I'm sure side by side someone could find more. I do think the collar zip is a bit shorter, there is more space between the bottom of it and the button than the old pictures show.
  7. RodG


    $428 duties on the J1A in the US is a big oof. My last acrnm purchase wasn't even close to that much tax. Has anyone ever had luck getting an adjustment on that with UPS? 6201.99.8030 should still work right? GT is man-made fiber and it'd fall under 'anorak, windbreaker, and similar articles', but would I have to prove that? As for the jacket itself, I like the folded down collar way more than I thought I would, and the look with the hood attached less than I thought I would. With the hood on I think I prefer the old look. The logo tape seems a bit far back, but I'm also used to vertical logo tape. All the details I have checked so far (hardware, seam tape, zipper pulls etc.,) have seemed equivalent or purposefully different (shiny vs not shiny zips) from my J28. Though I do think the sling is a bit stiffer and more coarse than that of the J28 (but I'm not sure how much wear has to do with that). I've noticed that the hand pockets have like a dart (??) to provide more fabric/space on the inside, which is cool. I don't know if old models had that or not but the J28 doesn't for sure. I could keep going, but the rest of my opinions really only have to do with comparing it to the only other acronym jacket I have so I'll leave that to be continued later. Any requests for detail pics?