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  1. Left Field Jeans

    The greaser has plenty room for me. Top block on both were about the same I've just learned through trial and error that I need to stay between 8.2-8.6" leg openings or the fabric will rub or hug my calves in weird way. what do you call a singing computer?
  2. Left Field Jeans

    Picked up a pair of LF Greaser in Xinjiang 14.5oz cotton. So far I've put about 3weeks worth of wear in and took the them to my tailor to get the waist taken in (darts) having a slender waist makes every pair of jeans too big in the waist regardless of brand. I thought of sizing down to a 36 in these but I couldn't risk trying to fit 28-29" thighs in pants meant to fit 27" and hoping for stretch. I'm happy going TTS. I love the higher rise, it doesn't make me look short and stumpy like other brands of jeans I've owned before and shows off nicely where my height comes from. The inseam is plenty long for my height (6'4) post 2" cuff without making me look shorter and still keep the fit looking neat. I was a fan of nudie's steady Eddie fit because of the excellent thigh room and taper but the Greaser has easily replaced them since the nudies forced me to wear them on my hips. I plan on getting the Black Marias next because of the great fit. As for stretch, I got the waist taken in after week 2 without soaking, and it has been fine ever since, no more major stretching has occurred and I only imagine once I soak or wash it will tighten up nicely. thighs barely stretched because they were comfy to begin with, knee bag is minimal. I estimate the leg opening will shrink a bit so I was ok with them being about .1" larger than I'm used to. the only quirk I had with my pair was I had a long streak going down the left leg from the pocket to shin area. Not noticeable when worn but I think it looks cool. I wonder if it will cover up with a soak/wash once loose indigo runs over it or stick out more after a future soak/wash. Time will tell..