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  1. Acronym.

    ^^^ Honest mistake, but try the community sales thread instead. This is more just for general discussion, not really buying and selling. Thanks.
  2. favorite video game of ALL time

    First Smash Bros. still does it for me. I liked other games more at their peak, but that's the only game I've still played from time to time over the last 18 years.
  3. Top 5 favorite DBZ characters

    Don't worry, that's the only image you needed. That x5.
  4. What are you craving today?

    I looked at this photo and didn't notice the food for about a good 10 seconds. That being said, the food looks good too.
  5. Acronym.

    Yeah, I mean I've bought off the Acronym sales thread before and I just found someone who listed the item I wanted and then I checked the thread history to see if someone had posted something positive about a sale transaction involving said member. Speaking of that... I have to vouch for kampongkid. Thanks again for the J58-WS. It was clutch for the winter with the J1A-GT. Side note: You can always do Paypal disputes if things go south. Never gift the money though, just pay the extra 4% one way or another (I think it's still 4%?) so that you have at least one leg to stand on.
  6. What is your "Holy Grail" item of clothing?

    A digital reminder, but an old school Schauer (Digital #3 or #2 would work). They were made by Jörg Schauer who is more well known for his Stowa brand.